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All He Wants for Christmas

All He Wants for Christmas - Lisa Plumley I am a sucker for Christmas stories and though I don't normally like to pick up in the middle of a series, I figured I would give this one a go when I saw it on Netgalley. I just fell in love with that snowman and his purple scarf on the cover. Living in Florida means that we don't experience the joys of building snowmen, so I have to enjoy them vicariously.

This was a great feel good Christmas read. We have the womanizing bad boy CEO Jason, who though he plays up the image, is much more of a good family guy than he likes to admit. Then there is Danielle, divorced single mom, who likes to downplay that she is a bit of a rebel. She disregards irrational company policies and uses her organizational skills to make her tiny store one of the best in the country. There is even an evil villain in the mix; the head of the board of directors of the toy company out to oust Jason and has no problem using Danielle to get the job done.

Take two people highly attracted to one another, make them keep secrets from one another while trying to withstand the machinations of the board of directors. Add three cute kids, a town full of classic holiday activities and mix thoroughly. It's a combination for a great story. Other couples are mentioned, hinting at some back story, but it wasn't enough to feel like part of the story was missing. On a personal note, like Danielle's oldest daughter, I too got a 'Mom's New Boyfriend' at about that age, and it was amusing to see some of the same attitude and stunts that I played on my soon to be step-dad. This really helped to ground the story in reality for me, while losing non of the holiday charm. I gave it 3 stars.