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Lost Souls

Lost Souls  - Delilah Devlin This is the second book in the Caitlyn O'Connell series. The first book, Lost Souls, in no way prepared me for the storm that was coming with this book. This book didn't just take us to the next level, it basically leapt ahead several, skipping over them without warning.

So Caitlyn's secret 'woo woo' life has been revealed to the most important and influential men in her life: her ex-husband Sam, her current PI partner, Jason and her ex-boss on the police force, Leland. They are slowly coming to terms to having their eyes forcefully opened to what Cait has known about all along. Cait is dragging her feet about once again become submersing herself in that life. However, when what should have been a standard cheating spouse case for Cait and Jason, turns into a weird and explainable murder, she will have to do more than pay lip service.

Cait and Jason are following a woman into a seedy hotel, when there is a flash of light, a scream and then she disappears. There is crime scene tape across the door of the room she went into. When she contacts Sam, it turns out that they had found the remains of the woman's mummified body inside the wall, where she had been for the past 40 years. It's a real good thing that Sam and Leland are now in the 'know'.

Warning: There is a moment in this book that shocked me to my core. It was so unexpected, that I literally cried for over 30 minutes as I listened to a section. The author ripped my heart right out of my chest. Do you have any idea how hard it is to drive and cry at the same time? And Natalie Ross. That woman deserved an Oscar for the performance she gave. She held me in the palm of her hand as she transported me into the story, I felt like I was there living it with Cait. The first book was good, but this one was astonishing. It is worth everyone one of the 5 stars I gave it.