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Long Live the Queen

Long Live the Queen - Kate Locke, To Be Announced This was the third and final installment in The Immortal Empire series and I was so sorry to see it end. I actually had to take a break after listening to this series. I was experiencing a doozy of a book hangover and just wasn't quite ready to dive into something else. I am sure you know exactly what I am talking about.

I knew from the very beginning of book 1, God Save the Queen, that the author wasn't afraid of heading into the dark side and killing off likable characters. In book 2, The Queen is Dead, Ms. Locke ups her game and shows us the brutal underbelly of London and we get up close and personal with some of the worst parts London has to offer. In this final book, Long Live the Queen, we find out that what we thought we knew and what is really going on are two completely different things. There are so many twists, turns and misdirection, that I was completely fooled, right to the very end.

I am afraid to say too much for fear of giving a spoiler. So, let's just say that you need to read books 1 and 2 before you read 3 and that the ending knocked my socks off. 5 bloody brilliant stars!