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And Justice for Some

And Justice for Some - Joanne Sydney Lessner Last year I got the opportunity to review The Temporary Detective & Bad Publicity in the Isobel Spice Series. I really enjoyed the books and the characters, so I was thrilled to get a chance to read this latest installment. This is a unique series for me, in that we have the story told from both the main character Isobel Spice, but also secondarily from James Cooke, her former recruiter at the temp agency where she works. So far there hasn't been any serious romantic inclinations between the two characters, though there has been plenty of sizzle and the chemistry is strong.

After the events in book 2, several months have passed. James has left the agency and returned to Law School, while Isobel is working as an assistant to an attorney and continuing her acting career. Isobel and her best friend and roommate, Delphi are currently working together for a small murder mystery troupe. But truth becomes stranger than fiction, when an actual murder takes place during the show. Initially Isobel gets involved to help clear Delphi, but it's not long before her sense of justice won't let her keep looking for the killer.

Isobel's brother Percival is back, taking a much larger part now that he is studying at Columbia. The two siblings couldn't appear to be more opposite, but with his logic and her intuition, they quickly uncover multiple motives for the murder. And even though James is no longer her boss, he once again gets sucked into Isobel's investigation.

While this book had a great plot and was able to keep the twists and turns both interesting and semi-realistic, I wished for further advancement between James and Isobel. The combustion level is still climbing between these two characters, and while they are each in denial, it is clear from friends and family, that others can see their potential. I guess what it comes down to is that I have no patience for their slow burn. Overall great story and a solid 3 star read.