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License to Nerd

License to Nerd - Chris Redding The title of this book, License to Nerd, conjures to mind, 007-esque action and as a Romantic Suspense novel I went in looking for that thrilling heart pumping action and lady killer romance that we have come to expect from our James Bond archetype. Yeah, that wasn't really this book. This book was something completely different.

For starters, Madison was more of a covert agent type, the mild mannered secretly sneaky type. While Peter, or Q as he is called, appears to be a super nerd gadget guy. But looks are deceiving and just about every time I thought I knew where things were going, we would get hit with another twist. There were several spots that I wasn't quite sure what was going on, places where we got conflicting information and I wasn't sure if it was an editing issue (it was an ARC) or if it had to do with the actual story line and being double crossed. The entire book was much more psychological than physical and I really wish there had been some good fight scenes, car chases, just something to get my heart racing. Plus, for all we have a super nerd gadget guy, there were no cool gadgets. Dang it, I really wanted gadgets, I mean with a nickname like Q, shouldn't we have had a watch with a laser, a transforming car, or at the very least a pen with a bomb in it?

Overall the story has potential, and if you like romantic suspense without too much actual scary going on, you will probably really like this. For me, it just needed a bit more - more action, more gadgets, more romance, more something to take it to the next level. I mean, I liked it, but am definitely hoping that the next book in the series will have that certain something that will make it a WOW book.