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His Secret Superheroine

His Secret Superheroine - Patricia Eimer I have always been a sucker for a good superhero story. Most of the time, those superheroes are men. Let's face it, it's still a man's world. So whenever I get a chance to check out a female superhero, I'm there. There are times you disappointed, like with My Super Ex-Girlfriend. Others where it's almost there, like with Electra. Rarely do you get a truly fabulous female heroine, though they are out there. Sometimes I think the search for the next big superheroine is the best part.

Peyton Pearson is a divorced kindergarten teacher, living across from single dad and police officer Dylan Wilson. When her former husband's secret identity of Captain Fantastic is released, she becomes either a pariah to anti-super groups like Safer America or is pitied by super groupies. All she really wants is a quiet life and to keep it hidden that her husband replaced her birth control with drugs to turn her into a super in his quest for the perfect super children. Needless to say, that's not something she wants to get out.

Dylan Wilson is a member of Safer America, but doesn't take it to the extremism that some of the members do and shun even those who associate with supers. He likes Peyton, and even offers to let her stay with him and his daughter when she gets evicted from her house due to Safer America meddling. He is forced to really think about his prejudice when it comes out that the woman he has loving feelings for is a woman his is supposed to be hating.

This was a fun story. Yes, there was a "message" as there typically is in a superhero story. But I liked the reluctant super Peyton and Dylan the Dumbass. Okay, that was actually Peyton's name for her ex, Captain Dumbass, but there were times that the title fit Dylan as well, but he eventually pulled his head out of his rectum. Overall I really enjoyed this world and can't wait to come back and hopefully the stories will continue with the other members of Peyton's bowling team. (No, I am not telling you about, you will have to read the book. HA!) This was a good solid 3 stars by a new to me author on Netgalley.