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Almost Perfect

Almost Perfect - Julie Ortolon, Jane Cramer Maddie had put her art career on hold while her husband had cancer. She stepped in to help run his accounting firm, and now since his passing, she hasn't done anything towards rekindling earlier desire of making a name for herself. Maddie is charged with getting her art in a gallery and an offer to work as an Art Coordinator for a summer camp near Santa Fe, seems the perfect opportunity. Just one big problem, her high school boyfriend Joe, is the Camp Director. She hopes to clear the air with him and maybe once again become friends. Only Joe hasn't forgotten, nor has he forgiven her.

Maddie and Joe had sparks right from the start. When Joe finds out his mother has hired Maddie behind his back, he tries to make her leave. They share a history, but have since grown and changed and become new people. I think second chance at love stories work best when both of the couple have not only changed since they were together last, but still have growth opportunities available. This was especially true for Maddie and Joe. I enjoyed the story and though this is part of a trilogy, the only cliffhanger is what happens to Christine in her story. I would listen to the next 2 books, as I really enjoyed the interactions between the women.

I think Jane Cramer did a good job on the narration. Though she didn't really change up the tone of the different voices, she did give each one it's own distinct rhythm and cadence that made it clear which character was speaking. I was pleased with the overall performance and would listen to her again. This was a solid 3 stars.