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Marine for Hire

Marine for Hire - Tawna Fenske When I saw the cover of this book on Netgalley, I was intrigued; once I read the blurb, I was hooked. I had no idea that this book had been released with another cover back in February under the Brazen imprint by Entangled publishing. It wasn't until I was marking it on Goodreads that I even noticed. Honestly, I like this cover so much better. It was what drew me to read the blurb.

Basically, we have Sam-the-Sexy Marine and Sheri-the-Spitfire Single Mom. MacArthur, Sheri's older brother and Sam's best friend, has asked Sam to play Nanny or Manny, as the case may be, to keep an eye on Sheri. Sheri's ex-husband has been giving her some trouble lately and big brother wants someone he can trust looking out for her. Sam has crushed on Sheri since the guys were in college and reluctantly agrees to keep Mac's assignment secret while on leave. But Sheri hates liars: "Lying is the absolute worst thing. Worse than riptides and parking tickets and pubic lice combined."

This book has unexpected funny moments, told from both Sam's and Sheri's perspective. Although some of the best ones were when Sam was dealing with the twin boys, such as likening changing a diaper to cleaning an automatic weapon. I knew the deception was going to be a critical point between the characters. I wasn't wrong, but it was wrapped up in a twist that kept this trope fresh and interesting. Book 2 will be MacArthur's story and I can't wait to see him get his meddling comeuppance. I enjoyed this and gave it 3 stars.