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@TastyBookTours Guest Post & Review: Her Perfect Game by Shannyn Schroeder

Her Perfect Game

Hot & Nerdy, #2
Shannyn Schroeder

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Kensington Books
Date of Publication: October 27, 2014
Number of pages: 102

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Spring break is supposed to be a week of fun in the sun for three childhood friends about to graduate from college. But one of them is ready to get her game on somewhere else…

Charlie Castle is an expert archer and a fierce warrior—in her favorite video game, anyway. But college life was a program she couldn't quite master. To land a cybertech job without a degree, she's entering a "hackfest" over spring break—where she also hopes to meet the sweet gamer who's been flirting with her online. Instead, she runs into the hot guy who walked away years ago, and can't fight the desire that comes rushing back.

Jonah Best has never gotten over Charlie, whose kisses were always as deliciously creative as her coding. But now that they're face to face again, he doesn't know how to admit that her online admirer is really him—or how to convince her that he's offering her a job for her incredible skills, not her sex appeal. Can Jonah cut through their communication glitches and persuade Charlie that the next level up for them should be forever?


They sat side by side as friends during the lecture. They laughed at the same jokes and listened to the criticisms of current games. Jonah listened to know what players wanted so he could improve their gaming experience. He didn’t know why Charlie wanted in on this panel. Was this where she wanted to take her career?

As they wrapped up questions from the floor, Charlie nudged him. “I’m going to head out to grab some food before the next session. See you later?”

Although he wanted to hear the remaining answers, he found himself asking, “Can I join you?”


When they were back in the main hall, he reached for her hand to fight against the crowd. She didn’t shy away from his touch, so even when the throng of people passed, he continued to hold on, running his thumb along her knuckles.

“Are you flirting with me?”

He stopped and yanked her over near the wall. Doing so made her body collide with his. “Of course I’m flirting with you. I want to kiss you again.”

She tilted her head up. “What’s stopping you, Best?"

He lowered himself a little. “Why do you call me that?”

Her eyebrows furrowed. “It’s your name?”

“My name is Jonah, but the only time you ever called me Jonah was in the bedroom.”

She snorted. “It’s a little presumptuous for you to think I should call you Best in the bedroom.”

As much as he wanted a real answer, he couldn’t stop the laugh. He loved her snarky humor, and although he’d heard it while playing Resskaar, nothing beat it in person.

When his laugh slowed, she leaned in and flicked her tongue on his earlobe. “I call you Best because you taught me a lot. Out here, with the games and the computers and the code, you are the best.” Her breath whispered across his skin, making his pulse quicken. “But in the bedroom, it was just you and me. Everything else stripped away.”

Damn, that was a good reason. Her pale blue eyes shone with honesty.

“How hungry are you?” His voice was strangled and it was her turn to laugh.

“Are you offering something better?”

“When’s the next session you want to see?”

“A little over an hour.”

“Let’s go to my room.”

Her smile broadened. “Mine’s closer.”

He yanked her again, plowing through the crowds and lines, shooting straight for the elevator. When the elevator doors closed, they were crammed in with about eight other people. Charlie pressed against his body.

He looked down to the V on her chest. “How far down does the paint go?”

She ground her hips against his. “You’ll have to explore if you want to know.”

Several pairs of eyes looked their way, as if other riders had hoped Jonah would peel away her clothes. Instead, he ran a finger across her waist where her vest met her pants. A simple strip of flesh, smooth against the pad of his finger. “I’m thinking not this far.”

She bumped her hips again, and the bell dinged for her floor. They quietly excused themselves to get through the people and out the door. Their walk to her room was slower than the walk to the elevator had been mostly because Charlie walked backward in front of him, kissing his neck and tripping both of them as they made their way down the hall.

Charlie slid her key card in the slot and they tumbled through the door. The curtains were drawn, and only a sliver of light eked through at the edges. Charlie pulled him deeper into the room. She backed away, and he heard the popping sound of snaps being unfastened.

“Wait,” he said and slid his hand along the wall searching for a light switch. With a quick flick, the bedside lamp glowed, and he saw that Charlie had her vest open.

Guest Post: 

Meet the Hero


By: Shannyn Schroeder

Jonah Best, the hero of Her Perfect Game, is a true beta hero. He and the heroine, Charlie, had been a couple three years ago. Although Jonah is an all-around good guy, he made some dumb mistakes. Like leaving after graduating college without so much as a good-bye. Like becoming Charlie’s friend in her favorite video game without revealing his true identity. Like not telling her he believes in her.

Now, all those things might sound really bad, and maybe even a little creepy, but Jonah loves Charlie. He always has, which was part of why he left her three years ago. He thought she was on a course of self-destruction, and he couldn’t stand by and watch. He took the coward’s way out and left (but he was young). When he found her playing the video game he helped create, he started playing to be able to check on her to make sure she was okay (not creepy—really. He loves her, remember?). He needs to know she’s really all right.

When he has the chance to reconnect with her, he plans to come clean on all accounts. They have great chemistry and Jonah wants another chance to have Charlie in his life. He goes out of his way to be with her. He realizes how much she’s grown and changed over the last few years and it only makes him want her more.

Jonah loves a lot of things about Charlie. She’s sexy and snarky and has a great sense of humor. They both love video games and focus on careers in that field. But what he loves most about her is her mind. She’s really smart (even though sometimes she doubts it) and she’s honest and loyal. He’s determined to win her over. No one has ever compared to Charlie. He remembers everything about her, including how she takes her coffee or that she’s an avid Firefly fan or that winning a game isn’t what’s most important to her—it’s how you play the game.

Jonah is pretty sneaky throughout the story, but his heart is always in the right place. He doesn’t force anything to happen, but he manipulates situations to benefit him and to ultimately win the girl.


This is the second book in the Hot & Nerdy Series, following Her Best Shot which was released earlier this month.  I did receive the book through Netgalley for the book tour for an honest review.

Charlie is a computer nerd.  She is a gamer and a hacker.  She is also a college drop out who hasn't told her best friends yet. Her decision to go to this "Hackfest" is to show off her talents and try to get a job in the cyber field. Charlie's former boyfriend, Jonah, had no plans to be there. But gets sent by his boss at the last minute. Jonah's company is one of the sponsor's of the hackfest and a presence is required to do some serious scouting. Jonah knows that Charlie will be there since she told her good friend "Win" all about it and invited him to come.  "Win" of course, is none other than Jonah, though Charlie has no clue. Yep, let the games begin.

I was super psyched when I saw this series originally because I can identify with the nerd girl label.  This book especially spoke to me as a girl gamer myself, though by no means a hacker.  There was a lot for me to like about this book, including the characters attending a Con, a second chance at love, hidden identities and the friends to lovers troupes.  Additionally, I was impressed that the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) harassment that women in the video game and computer fields have to deal with was addressed.  There was so much to like about this book, that I gave it 4 stars.


Kensington will be hosting a Tour Wide Giveaway for iBook copies of HER PERFECT GAME, Book Two in the Hot & Nerdy Series

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Author Bio:

Shannyn Schroeder is a former high school and middle school English teacher. She holds a BA in English and MAs in Special Education and Gifted Education. She currently works as an editor for an education company and juggles writing around her kids’ schedules. In her spare time, Shannyn loves to bake and watches far too much TV, especially cop shows. She started her first book on a dare from her husband and has never looked back. She came to reading romance later than many, but lives for the happy ending, and writes contemporary romance because she enjoys the adventure of new love.

To connect with the author online:

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