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Review: 'Til Dragons Do Us Part by Lorenda Christensen

'Til Dragons Do Us Part

Never Deal with Dragons, #3
Lorenda Christensen

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Carina Press
Date of Publication: October 27, 2014
Number of pages: 179

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Savannah Cavenaugh became a top art thief thanks to a secret ability—a dragonmorph, she can literally fly away from the scene of the crime. Next up: stealing a priceless painting out from under the snout of Lord Relobu, North America’s fearsome dragon ruler. True, she’s never had to work in the midst of Earth’s most polarizing wedding before. Keeping her true identity hidden will demand she get creative, to say the least.

Cameron Shaw has one last chance to prove himself. As Lord Relobu’s interim head of security, he needs to ensure the world’s very first interspecies wedding happens without a hitch. That means keeping an extra close eye on the wedding planner’s pretty young assistant. She’s adorable, but something’s not quite right…

Fumbling her way around bouquets and linens turns out to be the least of Savannah’s problems. Crushing on Relobu’s hottest human henchman was not part of the plan, and neither was revealing her—achem—ferocious side. But when her archrival shows up to nab the very same painting she’s after, all bets are off…

I discovered this series, which was initially under the series name DRACIM, but appears to have changed to Never Deal with Dragons after the first book, last year through Netgalley.  I really enjoyed the book, so quickly grabbed the second one, Dancing with Dragons when it became available as well, however it didn't quite do it for me as well as the first.  Needless to say, I was a bit apprehensive about the third book, 'Til Dragons Do Us Part. Then I saw the cover and read the blurb and I decided to keep going with the series.

Savannah is one of the best art thieves in the world. Largely due in part to being a dragon-morph.  She thought she was the only one in the world, until Trian came out of the closet, so to speak.  And although she now knows she's not the only one, she doesn't want to end of the celebrity that Trian has become.  It would kill her ability to go undercover to case her mark after all.  Of course, when her next target turns out to be Trian's boss, Lord Relobu, things get very tricky.

Cameron is the current head of security managing Trian and Myrna's much publicized wedding.  The only reason he got the job at all was due to his friendship with Trian and the fact that he would be guarding people and not objects. His first interaction with Savannah is when he catches her checking out the painting that she has come to steal.  Luckily for her, a case of mistaken identity lands her a job and the perfect opportunity to keep an eye on the painting.

This book totally grabbed my attention from the beginning and kept it throughout.  I adored Savannah and her family, getting to reconnect with Myrna, and revisit an interesting post-apocalyptic world where dragons rule. Truthfully, while I saw very little of book 2 mentioned in this one, the characters and locations from book 1 are revisited multiple times. Another 4 star review.

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