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Quote-Tastic: Lucky Bitch

Tempting the Player

London Legends, #3
Kat Latham

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Carina Press
Date of Publication: November 10, 2014
World Count: 83,000

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Libby Hart and Matt Ogden are perfect for each other—as friends. They’ve known each other for ages. They act as each other’s plus-ones. They even share custody of a dog. And if there’s always been a little spark between them, so what? It’s never been worth jeopardizing their friendship.

Professional rugby player Matt is fighting for a starter position with the London Legends—and that’s not the only thing he’s fighting. A crippling fear of flying means he’s struggling to get his career off the ground. He has no time for a relationship, even if Libby does make him ache. As an airline pilot, Libby’s looking for a stay-at-home husband so she can have a family without sacrificing her high-flying career. Matt’s certainly not that man.

But just because they don’t have a future together doesn’t mean they can’t have a right now. When Matt asks Libby for help overcoming his fear, they agree to take a vacation from their platonic relationship—whenever they fly together, they can have sex. It’s the perfect way to resolve all that built-up tension. As long as they can avoid getting a little too comfortable…


“Matt! Bloody hell, what’re you doing?”

“Checking you’re not dead!” His shout was muffled thanks to Adele’s singing. Libby held up a finger and tugged the earbuds out.

“Ah, that explains it,” he said, his body relaxing a bit against the counter. Even with some of the tension fading away, he was still vibrating with energy. “When you didn’t answer the door, I let myself in. Then I saw you kinda slumped over, and you didn’t move when I called your name. It looked like you’d passed out and were about to go under.”

He must’ve seen her hand going under. Oh thank God he hadn’t come in thirty seconds later. He would’ve known exactly how alive she was. Better he think she was dead.

“For fuck’s sake, Lib, I think you gave me a heart attack.” He leaned back against the counter and rubbed the center of his broad chest.

“Try opening your eyes to find a big, bruised man standing over you in the bath.”

He grimaced. “I’d probably have shat myself.”

“Yeah, well, good thing there’re a lot of bubbles in here.” 

He let out a bark of laughter and slid down to sit on the floor. She slipped farther under the bubbles. “Make yourself at home.”

“Cheers,” he said without a hint of irony. “Christ, what a day. I need some quality time with my girl.”

Before Libby could misinterpret who that girl might be, he reached for their dog.

Unbelievable. She was naked in the flippin’ bath and he could sit there completely unaffected. He was fully clothed, but just looking at him made her pulsate. He was big— too big for the bathroom that the estate agent had described as bijou when Libby had bought this flat. His back was against the cupboards, his feet against the tub, and his knees bent to turn his lap into a cradle for Princess. She yipped and tried to leap onto his lap but missed, tumbling off his thigh into a pile of overexcited Chihuahua. He rescued her. Lucky bitch curled up on his crotch.


The third book in the London Legends Series by Kat Latham continues the witty dialogue from the first two books, Knowing the Score and Playing it Close. I know nothing about the sport of rugby, but the scenes on the field are explained so that you can see the movement, feel the tension, experience the disappointments and triumphs of the players. You can tell the author is a true fan of the sport and imparts that passion in her writing. If she keeps this up, I may become a convert.

This is the story of Matt Ogden, a bench warming Full Back for the London Legends and his very best friend Libby Hart.  Libby is a pilot. Matt has a phobia of flying. Oh yes, one he has never, ever shared with Libby. Through tragic circumstances, Matt is given the opportunity to become a starter for the team. He decides to not let his phobia keep him from his dream and finally seeks Libby's help in over coming it, before he loses his chance.

I like the friends who become lovers troupe. It works for me. I also liked that both characters had issues to work on.  Matt's may have been more visible, but Libby had plenty too.  The two of them as a couple made sense when they stopped getting in their own way. Getting a peak at the lives of the two previous couples in the series was a nice bonus, but this wasn't their story and they didn't dominate it. I was thrilled to get this early on Netgalley and give it 4 stars.


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