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Review: Fried Pickles and the Fuzz by Calico Daniels



Fried Pickles and the Fuzz

Redneck Fabulous, #1
Calico Daniels

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Hick Lit
Publisher: Astraea Press
Date of Publication: January 30, 2013
Number of pages: 75
Number of words: 23,450
Cover Artist: Muse Designs




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Big Creek might be a stereotypical small town but even they have drama.

Heather loves her little café, and her best customer is the county Sheriff. She’s been waiting months for him to ask her out…maybe she won’t have to wait much longer.

Bronson feels at home in Big Creek even though he hasn’t been the Sheriff for long. Small towns have their perks and a pretty café owner who cooks like an angel certainly doesn’t hurt. Now, if he could only get over his nerves and drum up the gumption to ask her out.

Throw in a gossip mill, a redneck festival and an ill timed attempt to help and you end up with some laughs, some ruffled feathers and a town that is…. Redneck Fabulous.

This had been on my TBR pile for quite a long while now. I grabbed it when it first came out, because I loved the look and sound of the book, but it got lost in the shuffle. Most probably because I didn't have a kindle app device to read it on at the time. When I was plotting my 2015 TBR Pile Challenge reads, I found this while going through my Goodreads TBR pile and went searching for it. I decided to start with this book of all my list because it's one of the few books on the list that isn't in the middle of a series.

While this is a novella, we do get a full and complete story.  Heather and Bronson have been dancing around each other for quite awhile. Neither working up the nerve to ask the other out.  The story takes place during the town's annual festival, so we get a parade, greased pigs (the four footed kind), cow patty bingo, a picnic basket auction and town dance - all wonderful showcases for the small town and two people falling in love.

There are no national secrets, no big action scenes,  no grisly murders. Just a small town couple finding their way to love. It was cute, sweet and a fun, fast read.  It gets 3 stars.


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