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Best of 2014 Audiobook Blog Hop


Best of 2014 Audiobook Blog Hop 
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Our normal Auditory Sunday is being replaced with an Audiobook Blog Hop!

As you may be aware from my weekly segment, I have come to love audiobooks. When done right, they are such a great way to add another dimension to the reading experience. Plus, any menial or boring task, such as gardening, cleaning, driving or even "farming/skilling" while gaming, can be made much more enjoyable with a good book being read to you.

I will admit that it can take some getting used to. But with the right set up, it's simple and easy to keep your book addiction fed and happy.

For me, this included getting a decent Audible compatible player (for the dreaded DRM). Until very recently, I didn't have a smart phone or device to listen to downloaded audiobooks on, unless I wanted to be chained to my laptop.  That meant having discs in hand and either a bulky cd player or burning them to my little mp3 player. (A lot of work by the way to do it properly.)  So I starting looking into my choices and comparing options.

Here is the route that I went ----->
Isn't it adorable?  Plus, easily expandable memory! Can't get that on a lot of devices. The best part, really reasonably priced at just under $40.00. (I added a link to Amazon if you click on the picture for all the stats on my personal choice.) I love my little guy. He has made me such a happy listener!!

Next, you really need to know the options available on how to get audiobooks. There is more than Audible/Amazon out there, though they are the biggest and most well known.

If you plan on reviewing, there is a wonderful site called Audiobook Jukebox that has audiobooks available to you from publishers looking for reviewers.

If you don't review, there are so many options available to own. Here are but a few of the more popular ones: AudiobookStandDownpourTantor Media, Audiobooks Online, Audiobooks.com, Audiobooks Corner, AudiobookStore. (Yes, I know I didn't list iTunes, but I apple-illiterate.)

There is even a site where you can rent them, Simply Audiobooks in a manner similar to Netflix. And of course, there is always your public library, in either physical disc or download via Overdrive.

It really depends on whether you want to download, have a physical copy, rent/borrow or some combination. This doesn't even go into the sites where you can get free downloads of classical literature. If it's in book format, somewhere there is an audio version of it. There is simply no reason not to try audiobooks.

As for my favorites, we are supposed to be listing our top 5 Audiobooks of 2014. And since I hate having to limit my choices, I am going with my 5 Star Listens of 2014.

These are the books that were so full of AWESOME, I gave them my highest rating.  Looking back, I'm still agree with the rating.  If you haven't tried audiobooks before, may I suggest one of the following: 


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5 Star Listens

Wild Things Murder of Crows Blood Games God Save the Queen The Redhead Revealed The Unidentified Redhead Long Live the Queen Lost Souls The Queen Is Dead The Redhead Plays Her Hand

Any way, I hope I enlightened you in some small way about the wonderful world of audiobooks. For more suggestions and reviews, the 3 hosting sites linked at the top are heavily into audiobooks and would be another great resource.

Since it's not really a blog hop without a giveaway - I'm giving a $20 Gift Card to AudiobookStand. With free shipping in the US, $5 deals and weekly bargains, both physical and downloaded audiobooks, there should be a choice for just about any reader.


3 Audiobook Downloads from Audible




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