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Running Hot

Running Hot - HelenKay Dimon What's better than a Bad Boy? A Bad Boy and a woman strong enough to meet him toe to toe. Our first introduction to Ward is as he is waking up in Fiji, tied to a chair in a little shack. He had thought he was heading off with Tasha the hottie bartender for a little naughty nookie time, when she catches him going through her purse and gets suspicious of his actions. Turns out she has every right to be. Needless to say, Tasha gets the drop on him and boy is he unhappy about that.

Ward is CIA and Tasha is MI6. Both are on the island to stop a fugitive dictator who has a stockpile of weapons, just itching to start a little war. Neither knew the other would be there and to get the bad guy, they will have to not only learn to work together, but trust one another. Can two strong willed people used to being in charge, be able to get the job done?

I really enjoyed this read. This is basically the background story for the Alliance, a joint CIA/MI6 task force that the next Bad Boys agents will be members of. If this is the kind of action and romance that we can expect from the upcoming full length novels, sign me up! I am giving this novella 4 stars, for a high quality read and a fantastic start to a new series.