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Devil in the Deadline

Devil in the Deadline - LynDee Walker In the last book, Small Town Spin, we started to delve into Nichelle's familial background. Much more is hinted at, guessed at and finally revealed. Plus there is some set up for coming books, left dangling at the end. Not really a cliff hanger... more of a teaser of things to come.

Let's not forget the love triangle, which I am not normally a big fan of, but has worked in this instance for me. We have the former high school boyfriend and ATF agent Kyle, and the super sexy mafia connected Joey. There is one scene where the two guys once again meet face to face at Nichelle's. They are giving each other the old hairy eyeball and emitting Alpha pheromones all over the place. Nichelle's response? She got in her car and left them to it. How I would love to have been a fly on the wall of the conversation between them... Just sayin'. I can't wait to see how this is going to play out in the end.

Regulars make appearances. Of course, we have the return of Aaron, the police officer spokesman and Exclusive Tip giver, and Bob, her editor, father figure and one of my favorite people. We also get some face time with Parker and many of their Richmond Telegraph co-workers. Nichelle's relationships really help to give her depth and come alive on the page.

The Nichelle Clark books just keep getting better and better. I went back and looked to see what I gave the last book, Small Town Spin, (5 stars) because wowzers, this book surpassed it. I had a guest post with LynDee back when Buried Leads came out in October 2013. LynDee stated that she had been given the advice to “Write a better book next time. And the time after that. That is how you build a career.” Mission accomplished! I am still totally hooked on this series. Another 5 star read.