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Planning for Love

Planning for Love - Ellen Butler Back in August, during a book tour I got the chance to read a new book by a new-to-me author, Ellen Butler. The title of the book was Heart of Design. I really enjoyed the book and gave it a 4 star review. So when the author contacted me about reading/reviewing the next book in the series, I was all over that.

Poppy is Sophie's best friend and runs an event planning company that Sophie occasionally worked at. Poppy actually introduced Sophie and Ian, so I was excited to see her get her own story. Plus, with her being Sophie's bestie I hoped that we would get to see more Sophie and Ian and their happily ever after. This right here is why I like series, getting to see a couple enjoy their happily-ever-after. And Ms. Butler didn't disappoint, but this really was Poppy and Adam's story.

After Poppy finds her long time boyfriend cheating on her, on Valentine's Day no less, she takes a long hard look at what she wants and doesn't want. And the bad boy brigade that she has been dating obviously aren't the answer. So she signs up for some online dating to find a non bad boy, someone who won't let her down.

Adam, a rebound guy that Poppy met in Hawaii, has been biding his time. When he got home to Ohio from their vacation fling, Adam and Poppy continued to correspond. He thought that he had missed his chance for something more with Poppy's last boyfriend, but now that she is looking again, he is ready to push for more.

The ups and downs of their romance was funny and poignant in turns. I really liked how Adam showed Poppy that he was in it for the long haul. And it was refreshing to see a female character that didn't do everything in her power to sabotage her own happiness. If you like smart, mature characters with witty dialogue and entertaining story lines, this is a series for you. Well worth 4 stars.