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Best Man for Hire

Best Man for Hire - Tawna Fenske I couldn't resist requesting this book when I saw it was coming available. The first two books in the series made me snicker and laugh, with outrageous situations and great dialogue. This one delivered on the promises of those first two books.

We met both Anna and Grant in the book Fiancee for Hire, book 2, Kelli and MacArthur's book, though they never met each other. Anna is Kelli's former roommate and the wedding planner for Sheridan and Sam's wedding (Marine for Hire, book 1). Grant is Sheridan and MacArthur's youngest brother and the Best Man in Sheridan's wedding. When Grant accidentally causes Anna to be short a photographer for the other weddings she is doing, he steps in to help.

Anna is spunky, quirky and just a bit out there. I can see why her and Kelli got along so well. She is a great foil for Grant's boy scout, perfect gentleman persona. The sparks between the two burn hot and fast.

The more I meet the Patton's, the more I love them. Especially their mother. I am hoping, with finger's crossed, that the next book will feature Schwartz, the reclusive other brother. This was a solid 4 star read, sure to keep you laughing.