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Cowboy, It's Cold Outside

Cowboy, It's Cold Outside - Katherine Garbera The title of this book is what piqued my interest. It brought to mind the holiday song, Baby, It's Cold Outside. I was expecting something along the song, a couple together on a cold night, enjoying each other and not really wanting the date to end. Unfortunately it wasn't really like the song. There were two people, they were 'snowed in' together and they ended up 'enjoying' each other. The worst part, he wasn't even a cowboy, not really.

Basically what we have is Lucy, who due to some frozen pipes, stayed at a neighbor's house. He wasn't home, but his brother shows up, looking for solitude. Both the characters are in this state of flux, for a better word. Lucy has had her whole world flipped 180 degrees, while Trey is coming to realize that there is really no place like home. They agree on a "Christmas Fling".

Unfortunately this book just didn't do it for me. I was disappointed that the characters knew each other for all of about an hour, and then hopped in the sack together. And it wasn't even like Insta-Lust. More like yeah, your here and I'm feeling lonely, you've been a good listener, so I'll bone you. It was just... meh. I didn't feel the holiday spirit blazing through the book. It just wasn't memorable. 2 stars.

Received through Netgalley for an honest review.