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Loving You Is Easy

Loving You Is Easy - Wendy S. Marcus I hate to admit it, but it has been years since I read a Loveswept novel. I didn't stop reading them because of a problem with the publisher. Some of my favorite authors and series where part of the Loveswept line. It was more that I was focusing on the new genres of urban fantasy and paranormal romance for a while. By the time I started coming back toward contemporary romance, Loveswept had gotten a major make-over as an e-format only imprint. Apparently I missed that memo. LOL. However I am glad to have found them once again. This makes my second one in the past month.

This story was a study in contrasts. Teacher to Soldier, Good Girl to Bad Boy, White Collar to Blue Collar, Pearls to Tattoos, Jew to Christian. This was truly an opposites attract book. We are introduced to Brook and Shane originally in their first letters to each other. Then their first face to face meeting when Shane gets leave to come home for a short stay. But the story truly begins several months later, when some sexy pictures that Brooke gave to Shane ends up on Facebook.

I liked Brooke and Shane's story. There was some good dialogue and I really enjoyed the characters, especially Brooke's best friend Neve. I didn't really connect as well with Brooke, but her best friend was a hoot. I did think that the message about the dangers of social media might have been played a bit heavy handed. But then again, I'm old enough to thank God regularly that when I was in my stupid younger years that MySpace and Facebook wasn't around. (Okay, yes that just totally dated me, hush.) And the information about wounded veterans was something we all need to hear more often. I would not mind seeing more from this world. 3 stars.