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Dragonholder: The Life and Dreams (So Far) of Anne McCaffrey

Dragonholder: The Life and Dreams (So Far) of Anne McCaffrey - Todd J. McCaffrey I am not normally a biography reader, though I suppose you can't tell since this is my second biography this year. But as a huge fan of Anne McCaffrey's, this was a story I wanted to read.

See, the very first author stalking I did was on Anne McCaffrey. A friend had lent me the first three books in the Harper Hall portion of the Pern series. The three about Menolly. And I fell in LOVE with Pern. This led me to more Pern books with Lessa, F'Lar, F'Nor, Robinton, Jaxom and Mirrim.

Next I discovered the Crystal Singer trilogy, the BrainShips, Petaybee and the Tower and Hive series. This was the first author that I actively searched out used book stores looking for more to read. (This was way, way back in the day before ebay, amazon and easy internet lookups.) Ms. McCaffrey's words and worlds opened my mind to possibilities and a love of reading.

This book, told via her son, tells of her life and mainly how the dragons came to be. I wish that all of the series had been touched on, but since I can understand that since he is continuing the Pern series, that is the one he knows best. It was still an interesting look in the early days of the sci-fi/fantasy genre and her part in it.

This is a reprint of the of the 1999 edition, and I had hoped for some more information being added about or since her death in 2011. But nothing is mentioned. As a fan, it was a pleasant read. I gave this 3 stars, mainly because I really think the other series should have been mentioned and there was nothing past 1999.