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Blamed: A Blood Money Novel (A Bloody Money Novel)

Blamed: A Blood Money Novel (A Bloody Money Novel) - Edie Harris When I saw this book on Netgalley, I totally had to have it. Female assassin from a family of spies and spooks? Oh yeah! Sign me up!

I love reading about strong women who are taking on the more traditional men's roles of spy and assassin. Luckily this seems to be a growing movement, going in all directions, everything from paranormal to comedic to romantic suspense; such as this one. It had all the pieces that I expect from a romantic suspense: plenty of chase scenes, hot smexy times, shoot outs, sizzling romance, dangerous situations, all with the plus of the female being our "big damn hero".

I went back and checked out a note I had put at about the 40% mark:
"This is going to sound odd, but I don't know whether I like this book or not. The male interest keeps flipping on me. I like him, I don't like him, He's sweet, He's a snake. And my kickass female assassin has been showing her wimpy side... To finish or not to finish... that is the question."

It's hard to believe that shortly after this comment everything kicked up a notch and things got really exciting really fast and there was no longer any question about finishing the book. As it turned out, I thought Raleigh was totally redeemed and worth the effort getting him to that point. Beth turned out to be anything but wimpy. She was totally my hero towards the end. This turned out to be a 4 star read for me.