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The Job: A Fox and O'Hare Novel

The Job - Janet Evanovich, Lee Goldberg I have been a huge Janet Evanovich fan from way back. It started with her Full Tilt series, and fully blossomed with the Stephanie Plum series. I have enjoyed the Alex Barnaby and Lizzie & Diesel series (a spin off of the Stephanie Plum Holiday stories). So it was a no brainer for me to pick up her new series Fox and O'Hare, a collaboration with Lee Goldberg. Thanks to Netgalley for helping my get my hands on these books early.

This book continues the sharp humor, snappy comebacks and crazy situations that Evanovich is known for. Lee Goldberg, best known for his work as a writer on the tv show and book series Monk, brings much to the table. The collaboration between these two has created a world rich in character, elaborate schemes and chutzpah. There is a lot about this book to like.

If you have read any Janet Evanovich before, you know that she has a soft spot for the slightly kooky grandmother figure. In this series we have O'Hare's ex-special forces father, Jake. He steals the scenes for me whenever he is in them. I have completely fallen in love with him.
“Besides, there’s nobody who is going to watch your back better than me. You know that.”
“That’s why I’m here.”
“And that’s why I’m going to be there with you, wherever there is, any time you ask and as long as I’m able,” he said. “It’s what fathers do.”
“Most fathers don’t show up with hand grenades and bowie knives.”
“They should be ashamed of themselves,” Jake said.

And Jake is just one of the group of interesting characters that make this such a good series.

If you like comedy mixed with your mystery, enjoy a daring bit of retribution or simply looking for a strong female action book, give this series a try. I think of it as a cross between Miss Congeniality, Leverage and White Collar. An all around 5 star read.