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Whispering Rock

Whispering Rock - Robyn Carr, Thérèse Plummer So I took a break after listening to Shelter Mountain. But with all the new year challenges going on, decided to do use this series as my Series That Never Ends Challenge. There are so many books in the series, and I have quite far to go. So with the New Year upon us, I dived back into Virgin River.

This ended up being another "theme" book. This time the theme was something much, much more emotional and much darker than maternity. It dealt with sexual assault in several forms. Normally I don't like to give a major spoiler like this away, but I think that there should be a warning on this one as it is a hot button topic for many people. I will say that the author did a fabulous job of being sensitive and realistic with showing how something like rape doesn't just affect the victim, but everyone in their sphere of influence. A good narrator would be critical in keeping a storyline like this one compassionate and sympathetic. Thérèse Plummer continues to do a fabulous job with the inhabitants of Virgin River.

I liked that we continue to keep the strong sense of community in the book. Some characters weren't mentioned as much as from the second, but since Melinda & Jack were deeply connected to Mike and Bree, their story continues to play out as well. Even though this book dealt with a very volatile and sensitive subject it was handled well and I finished the book well satisfied with the journey. I am giving this 4 stars.