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Review: Forged in Fire by J.A. Pitts


Forged in Fire

Sarah Beauhall, #3
J.A. Pitts

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publisher: TOR Books
Date of Publication: June 19, 2012
Number of pages: 432
Cover Artist: Daniel Dos Santos



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Sarah Jane Beauhall, the blacksmith turned dragon slayer, has it all figured out—little things like dealing with the political intrigue of dragons who secretly run our world, and learning to wield the magic that she has been given by none other than Odin, who has been fighting the dragons for millennia. And then there is the matter of coming to terms with who she is…and how to build a life with her partner, Katie. All these things are forced into the background however when a magic-wielding serial killer starts prowling the Pacific Northwest. And all of his victims have ties to Sarah.

Sarah must unravel the web she finds closing around her as a powerful necromancer and a crazed blood cult known as the Dragon Liberation Front work to tear apart everything she holds dear.

Forged in Fire is the third volume in J. A.Pitts's compelling urban fantasy series.

Once upon a time, while stalking another author, I stumbled across their blog post concerning an amazing illustrator. He did the covers for her books and I fell in love with his amazing talent. So much so, that I went in search of his website to see what else there was. What I found more amazing art work. Imagine my surprise when I recognized some of them as covers of other books that I had read. It dawned on me, that some of the really cool art work I was admiring were covers to books I had not discovered! So of course I went in search of these books. This series is one that I found purely based on the recommendation of the cover artist.

I read the first two books ages ago, back before I was blogging. I had to wait for book 3 to come out, and then I pre-ordered it and it somehow got lost in the shuffle.  It seemed like a perfect book to add to my TBR Pile Challenge. Luckily it didn't take much time for me to reconnect and dive right back into this amazing world.

See Sarah started as a simple blacksmith in the first book. Okay, a lesbian blacksmith who's kindergarten teacher girlfriend's brother has an anachronistic re-enactment group that they participate in. Oh and she has a B-Grade movie props manager side job. Her life is routine, but busy, and she likes it that way. All that changed when she accidentally reforges a magical black sword. Now she finds out that magic is real, dragons exist and have subversive plots to control their domains, Odin makes her a beserker, oh yeah, and that black blade of hers was originally made to kill dragons and wants to again.

This is the third book in the series and I couldn't put the book down once I started it. Sarah has grown so much as a character in just 3 books. I wouldn't start with this book, read them in order. The world building is an important part of the progression through the books as Sarah learns more and more about a world hidden beneath the everyday one. I gave the first 2 books 5 star ratings when I read them, and I have to say this one continued that trend. I love a strong female Urban Fantasy character, and Sarah totally fills that bill. 5 stars all the way.

Here are the first two covers that helped to suck me in:


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