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Great Escapes Guest Post: Killer Getaway by Amy Korman


Killer Getaway

Killer Wasps Mystery, #2
Amy Korman

Genre: Mystery
Publisher: Witness Impulse
Date of Publication: March 10, 2015<
Number of pages: 207

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With a storm brewing in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, the Killer WASPs head south to Palm Beach, Florida. And what could be better than fabulous friends, Lilly Pulitzer beachwear, frozen cocktails, and high-society drama?

Kristin Clark and her basset hound, Waffles, are ready to escape the doldrums of winter to bask in the warm Florida sun and dine at her friends' new restaurant, Vicino. But when a rival restaurant undergoes an HGTV makeover and attempts to steal Vicino's spotlight and its patrons, the town is abuzz with gossip, and Kristin and her friends—Bootsie, a nosy reporter; Holly, a chicken nugget heiress; and Sophie, the soon-to-be ex-wife of a mobster—have parties to attend.

Everything is going swimmingly in the glitz and glamour of Palm Beach until a bad batch of clams threatens to shut down Vicino and their vacation for good. When it becomes clear that the clams may be more than an innocent mishap, the ladies must unravel the mystery before there are deadly consequences.

Perfect for fans of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series!

Guest Post: 


Ten Things That Inspire You

Killer Getaway, the second book in the Killer WASPs series, was inspired by the thought of fleeing the loooong winters that those of us who live on the East Coast have been “enjoying” over the past few years. It was so much fun to write about Kristin, an antiques dealer who’s barely making ends meet at her small shop outside Philly, jumping in the car with her faithful Basset hound and her nosy friend Bootsie for a road trip to sunny Florida.

Naturally, as soon as they get to Magnolia Beach, Kristin and her friends are beset by a crime wave and go into detective mode. My inspirations for Killer Getaway also include:


  1. Margaritas. The character of Adelia, a Magnolia Beach fixture, loves them.
  2. Road trips!
  3. Agatha Christie. I’m re-reading The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, a country-house-mystery classic.
  4. Our Basset hound, whose droopy ears are irresistible.
  5. Those “It’s Better in the Bahamas” commercials they run all winter.
  6. The Mindy Project.
  7. Friends, especially the ones I’ve had since high school. They know all and they don’t judge!
  8. My fellow Witness Impulse authors, a diverse and incredible group of writers.
  9. Country music. It’s always summer when Kenny Chesney’s on!
  10. My great family, who never complain about all the pasta and takeout we eat!


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Author Bio:

Amy Korman is a former senior editor and staff writer for Philadelphia Magazine, and author of Frommer’s Guide to Philadelphia. She has written for Town & Country, House Beautiful, Men’s Health, and Cosmopolitan. Killer Getaway is her second novel.

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