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Great Escapes Interview & Review: Lowcountry Boneyard by Susan M Boyer


Lowcountry Boneyard


Liz Talbot Mystery, #3


Susan M Boyer


Genre: Cozy Mystery
Publisher: Henery Press
Date of Publication: April 21, 2015
Number of pages: 286
Cover Artist: Phil Hyman Photography


Available at the following retailers:
Amazon     BN     Kobo
Where is Kent Heyward?

The twenty-three-year-old heiress from one of Charleston’s oldest families vanished a month ago. When her father hires private investigator Liz Talbot, Liz suspects the most difficult part of her job will be convincing the patriarch his daughter tired of his overbearing nature and left town. That’s what the Charleston Police Department believes.

But behind the garden walls South of Broad, family secrets pop up like weeds in the azaleas. The neighbors recollect violent arguments between Rivers and her parents. Eccentric twin uncles and a gaggle of cousins covet the family fortune. And the lingering spirit of a Civil-War-era debutante may know something if Colleen, Liz’s dead best friend, can get her to talk.

Liz juggles her case, the partner she’s in love with, and the family she adores. But the closer she gets to what has become of Rivers, the closer Liz dances to her own grave.


Today, we welcome Susan M. Boyer to Musings and Ramblings. Let's all give a big Geeky welcome!

Thank you so much for having me over today! I feel completely at home, being a book geek myself. I was that child who begged to be dropped off at the library and didn’t want to be picked up until closing time.

Let's start with some writer specific questions before moving into the fun stuff. That way everyone can really get to know the person behind the writer. We will finish things off with a round of Think Fast. Ready for the interrogation to begin?

By all means—interrogate away.


Writing Specific

Is your writing style more plotter or pantser?
I’m a card-carrying plotter. If I didn’t start with an outline, I’d go off on so many tangents my characters would all quit in frustration. That said, I often change course while writing. I just update the outline carry on.

How do you deal with Writer's Block?
It’s like the monster under the bed. I choose not to believe in it. If I don’t feel creative when it’s time to write, I just start typing. Sooner or later I find my way back into the story.

How involved are you with Social Media and self-promotion?
I’m accessible to readers on social media, and I enjoy interacting with them and getting to know the ones who are inclined to participate. I don’t see it as promotion, but rather as a way to interact with others who enjoy Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Tell us something about yourself that's not in your bio.
I love to sing karaoke. Miranda Lambert songs are my favorites.

How did you choose the genres you write in?
I chose mysteries because I enjoy puzzles, and mystery is one of my favorite genres to read. I read very eclectically, which is why you’ll also find Southern fiction, romance, and paranormal elements in my mystery novels.


Fun Stuff

What was the last movie/concert/show that you saw?
I recently saw Wicked at the Peace Center in Greenville. Loved it!

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
I’d love to be able to make a dramatic gesture with my hands and have the house clean itself. That would save so much time and money. Or teleportation. That would make travel so much easier. Or telekinesis—that would be very cool. It’s so hard to pick just one.

What was the name of the last book you read?
Saint Odd, by Dean Koontz

If you could have dinner with anyone, past or present, fictional or real, who would it be and why?
Marilyn Monroe. I’ve always been fascinated by her. And after researching her for Lowcountry Bombshell, I’d love to ask her a few questions.

What would we find in your refrigerator right now?
A ridiculous number of condiments and a few leftovers from night before last—penne Alfredo with chicken.


Think Fast

Elvis or Sinatra? Sinatra
AM or PM? PM
Summer or Winter? Summer
Cake or Pie? Pie
Car or Truck? Car—a red sporty convertible of some sort

Thanks for coming by and spending some time with us. Any final words of wisdom to pass along?

I wish I had wisdom to share. Thank you so much for having me! This has been great fun.


It's been a year and half since I read Lowcountry Boil and Lowcountry Bombshell, books 1 & 2 in the series. I enjoyed them very much and have been randomly checking to see when the next book would be out. I was thrilled to be able to finally get in on early on Netgalley.

Though it has been awhile since I read the previous books, I was quickly able to dive right back into life on Stella Maris. Liz was just as I had remembered her, with her Junior League outfits and slight germaphobia juxtaposing her Sig Sauer and investigative work. Liz is an interesting character with an eccentric circle of family and friends.

More time was spent off island, than in the previous books.  This helped to underscore the choices that Liz had to make concerning her Point of Contact duties with the Guardian of the Island, her best friend Colleen, and her boyfriend and partner Nick. There were more close calls for Liz in this book, keeping Colleen hopping and really ramping up the intrigue.

I enjoyed this addition to the series. It was well thought out, plotted out and stayed true to it's southern roots. I gave this 4 stars. I just hope that we don't have to wait another 18 months for the next installment.

Thanks to Netgalley and the the publisher for the opportunity to read and review the book.

Author Bio:

Susan M. Boyer is the author of the USA TODAY bestselling Liz Talbot mystery series. Her debut novel, Lowcountry Boil, won the 2012 Agatha Award for Best First Novel, the Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense, and garnered several other award nominations. Susan loves beaches, Southern food, and small towns where everyone knows everyone, and everyone has crazy relatives. You’ll find all of the above in her novels.

Susan lives in Greenville, SC, with her husband and an inordinate number of houseplants.

To connect with the author online:

Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Goodreads

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