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Audio Review: Murder Al Dente by Jennifer L. Hart

Murder Al Dente

Southern Pasta Shop Mystery, #1
Jennifer L. Hart

Genre: Cozy Mystery
Publisher: Jennifer L. Hart
Narrator: Suzanne Cerreta
Date of Publication: March 12, 2015
Abridged or Unabridged: Unabridged
Length of Production: 6 hrs and 23 mins

Available at the following retailers:
Amazon    Audible
Pretty please with spaghetti on top?

Andy Buckland has always dreamed of being a chef. But after a live studio audience is stricken with food poisoning during her debut cooking show, she finds herself blacklisted in the culinary community. The only job open to her is working in her family's southern pasta shop, and, to make matters worse, her first assignment is serving baked ziti to her former lover and his spoiled bride-to-be at their engagement party! But a broken heart and a bruised ego are the least of Andy's troubles when she discovers a dead body at the party with the words "welcome home" written in flour next to it. Is it a warning? A threat? Or a frame-up job? Andy is determined to find out. With the help of her over-the-top Italian family, Andy will prove that she has what it takes to not only cook the best dish in town but also catch a killer, too!

I love a good cozy mystery, and am always on the look out for a new one. When I saw this over at Audiobook Jukebox and listened to the sample from Audible, I just knew it was for me.

Andy Buckland went from top of the world, rising star in the cooking community to pariah in just one short hour. While filming the introduction to her break out cooking show, the crowd got food poisoning from bad clams. Suddenly, her entire career was over and every thing she had worked and sacrificed for was over.  So when her Grandfather and Aunt needed help with the family's Pasta Shop, Andy had no reason to say no. And it seems that her bad luck continues when on the drive into town, she gets into an accident and totals her classic mustang, Mustang Sally.  Then, her first big job at the pasta shop involves catering the engagement party of her old high school boyfriend to her biggest adversary.  On the plus side, she does meet the handsome and mysterious Malcolm Jones, who manages to sweet talker her cranky maiden Italian Aunt Cecelia.

The narrator, Suzanne Cerreta does a fantastic job on this.  Andy has this sweet southern drawl, while Malcolm has a New Zealand accent. Throw in Aunt Cecelia's Italian accent and I was impressed at how quickly and easily she was able to switch from character to character.

The writing was superb for this book. Andy takes us through a wide range of emotions as she deals with being back in her home town after the sudden and very public death of her career and trying to save her family's pasta shop, The Bowtie Angel. I laughed out loud and giggled at some of the situations Andy ended up in. This was a great read and I can't wait for book 2.  I am giving this 5 stars.

Thanks to Audiobook Jukebox and the author for the opportunity to listen and review the book.

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