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Quote-Tastic: Meme-Jack & Review: Bear Hearts by Tamara Hoffa


Bear Hearts


Animal in Me, #2


Tamara Hoffa


Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing
Date of Publication: May 28, 2015
Number of pages: 164
Word Count: 51,775
Cover Artist: Dawnè Domnique



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Fate brought them together. Lies keep them apart. Love could set them free. All they need is to trust in Bear Hearts.

Fate has dealt bear shifter Martin Kruger and rotten hand. His destined mate, Dr. Elizabeth Montrose, is the enemy and suffers from a fatal illness. He‘s waited over two hundred years for a mate he might never have the chance to claim.

Elizabeth has long ago given up dreams of love, marriage and children. Her life is her research and now that is gone in a puff of smoke, thanks to the bears of Honey Corners. A tiny spark of hope blooms in her heart when the handsome bear tells her they are mates, but will that instinctual bond be enough to overcome all that stands between them?


I love picking quotes from books. I post them on Goodreads all the time, not just from my books, but from other authors. I marvel at how an author turns a phrase and make something ordinary seem special, or evokes emotion with the written word. Often, when I go back and read my own books I’m shocked at what I wrote. I’ll look at my husband and say, “I wrote that?”

It was pretty easy for me to pick a quote from Bear Heart to highlight, because after I wrote this particular quotation I just fell in love with it. I thought it was the best thing I’d ever written. Lol. I’m sure it’s not, and I’m certainly no Shakespeare, I write romance novels, not the great American novel. But here it is…

“Anger burned in his gut like hot coals. Lust poured gasoline on the coals and lit the fire. Then grief drizzled down over it all, turning the fire to smoke and ashes.”

Why do I love this quotation? My hero, Martin is struggling at this point, as I’m sure you can tell. He has just found his mate, only to discover she works for the enemy. I hope that I convey the turmoil that is seizing him at this moment. All the different emotions bombarding him, with an imagery that makes the reader feel his pain.

If you’ve read Bear Hearts, tell me your favorite quote.

Thanks for hosting me today. Happy reading! Hugs, Tamara


I enjoyed the first book in this series, Hers to Bear. Bears are my favorite type of shifter, so I am always on the look out for another good book centered around the cuddly, yet often grumpy, bears.

This book doesn't quite pick up where the first one left off. In fact, it backs up, giving us the events leading up to the big climax at the end of book one from Lizzy's perspective.  This is really important, because just taking it from the bear's side of things, I wasn't inclined to be very friendly towards Lizzy. But reading her backstory and her perspective, changed my mind.

As with many paranormal romances involving shifters and the "mate" scent and instinct, there is some insta-lust and insta-love going on in this series. Add in that this is a novella, there isn't a lot of hemming and hawwing going on when it comes to their romance.

I was surprised that the story arc from the first book seemed to wrap up at the end of this one. I guess I was expecting it to be drug out over several books. However, that doesn't mean the story line is done, just that we aren't going to be hung up on this particular bad guy.

So overall, there was more world-building, met more great characters and I got my bear shifter fix met.  I was wavering between 3 and 4 stars, and decided on 4 because I respect the fact that the author is donating 10% of the proceeds of this book to cancer research in her mother's name.

Thank you to Goddess Fish and the author for the opportunity to read and review the book.




Author Bio:

Tamara Hoffa lives in central Tennessee, with her husband of 30 years, her father, 2 dogs and 2 cats. She started reading at four years old and has rarely been seen without a book since. At home you will usually find her in “nana’s chair” with her kindle, her laptop or one of her precious, precocious grandson’s in her lap. Tamara is an author, an editor, and reviews/submissions coordinator for Secret Cravings Publishing. Tamara is proof positive that it’s never too late to reach for your dreams.

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