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Playing Knotty

Playing Knotty - Elia Winters For a book about rope play and bondage, this was a surprisingly non-erotic romance. Don't get me wrong, there are some smexy times, just not what you would expect from the title and cover. Ian asks Emma to be his model for a beginner class, at the last minute and she finds the experience amazingly freeing. As Ian introduces her into the more advanced levels of rope play, she finds the confidence to allow her true self to show more and more.

The rope play was used more to draw Emma out of her shell and give her the confidence she is lacking, than as a strictly erotic device, though there was one scene that showed the more erotic aspects of bondage. But the tenants of safe, sane and consensual were strongly present and practiced.

I was impressed by the multi-layers in the book and would read this author again.