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Summer in Snow Valley

Summer in Snow Valley - Cindy Roland Anderson, Jeanette Lewis, Cami Checketts, Taylor Hart, Kimberley Montpetit, Lucy McConnell I read and reviewed Christmas in Snow Valley in November of last year and really enjoyed the town of Snow Valley and how they celebrated the Christmas Season. So I thought I would give this follow up Anthology, Summer in Snow Valley a go.

This is a Christian romance, so there is absolutely nothing beyond some kisses in the book. So if you are looking for a romance that you can easily share with anyone, this would be a good fit. In the first anthology, most of the characters were in their 20's, while this one seemed to have some older couples, there were still a couple that would be classified as New Adult.

One of the things that I really liked about this was the continuity of characters. The town Doctor and Preacher that were found in the first anthology, once again make appearances through each of these stories as well. Additionally, a couple of the stories touched on related family members from their earlier stories. I like getting to touch base with characters and see how they are doing.

There was only one story that I just couldn't connect with, and that was Romancing Rebecca. The female protagonist was just too immature in many ways for me to deal with her. To be honest, I skipped over about 2/3 of this story, read the the ending and moved on. The two middle books were the best ones, as far as I was concerned.

Overall I enjoyed these novellas and the trip back to Snow Valley. It was worth a read and I gave it 3 stars.