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His Blushing Bride (Montana Born Brides Book 2)

His Blushing Bride (Montana Born Brides Book 2) - Dani Collins Occasionally I like to mix up my reading and go with something a little softer, a little sweeter, a little more mushy. And I that's exactly what this novella gave me.

Piper has lived in small town Marietta most of her life. Due to a birthmark on her face, she has been self-conscious and shy, afraid that all men will be able to see is the mark on her face. This is brought home to her by a scummy ex-boyfriend who, after losing a bunch of weight, pressures her to get it "fixed". When she meets Bastian, and he convinces her that he is attracted to her and doesn't even see her mark, she realizes he would be the perfect man to be her first. After all, he won't be sticking around, and with the celebrity wedding going on, their won't be a lot of talk when he leaves.

Bastian met Piper's parents while in South America doing some research. When they found out that Bastian would be traveling to Marietta for his sister's wedding, they offer to let him stay at their place. Especially since they know their daughter will have her hands full with end of the school year and the celebrity wedding also taking place. He never expected to find someone as sweet, sexy and interesting as Piper.

Bastian has some issues related to his military father, while Piper's are more centered around her birthmark. They both had to overcome their fears to be together. Family played a large part in this book and there were some real characters. I enjoyed the read and am giving it 3 stars.

Thanks to Netgalley and Tulle Publishing for the opportunity to read and review this book.