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Ready To Roll

Ready To Roll - Melanie   Greene, Amy Rubinate This is a novella in the Roll of the Dice series. We met Janice and Miguel in book one, Rocket Man. Janice was Serena's work friend and sounding board, so we got to know her much better than we did Miguel, as he was more a background character in the book. At the close of Rocket Man, Janice and Miguel were together. This is the story that gets them there.

I liken this story to a one act play. All the characters being in one location, in one time frame. Since the characters know each other rather well, as co-worker for years, most of the getting to know you stuff has been dispensed with. What we have here is that moment. The moment when they both decide to put their feelings on the line and take their friendly relationship to the next level. It's a surprisingly intimate novella, as we dive into the characters at this crucial juncture. And it really, really worked for me.

I was able to really get into each of the character's heads right away. I had remembered Janice fondly from Rocket Man, but actually being in her head was something else. And Miguel... Wow. Just. Wow. He really surprised me. I wasn't expecting so much self-aware alpha goodness is such a quiet, fairly unassuming man. Totally hot, by the way.

For a very short listen at just under 2 and half hours, there was a lot of emotion and emotional growth going on in this story. Amy Rubinate once again did a fantastic job with the voices and really brought this story alive. I am giving this 4 stars.

Thank you to the author, Melanie Green, for the opportunity to listen and review the book.