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A Fright to the Death

A Fright to the Death - Dawn Eastman I was so excited to see this book tour come out. I read the first book, Pall in the Family, for Great Escapes Book Tours and gave it 5 stars. Last year, when Be Careful What You Witch For came out, I managed to win a copy to read and enjoy.

Clyde and Mac are trying to sneak away for a week's vacation in Mexico. Sun, Sand and No Psychics. Unfortunately, Mother Nature has other ideas. When their flight is grounded due to snow, Mac suggests a nearby castle hotel to wait out the storm. Clyde doesn't really care where they go, as long as they can have some alone time. It's only to find Clyde's mom and aunt as well as Mac's mother all there for a knitting conference. And since they arrived just ahead of the storm, they have no other option but to stay... in rooms with their respective moms. But that's not the worst that happens. When the power goes out, and one of the owners is found murdered, it's up to Clyde and Mac to put their law enforcement experience to work and find a killer.

This story was very much a play on a locked room mystery. Everyone trapped due to the raging storm; the murderer has to be one of the people at the hotel. I enjoyed seeing Clyde and Mac work together instead of at cross purposes. Clyde was also actively working to understand and control her psychic gifts and so she was integrating them into the investigative process, too. Clyde and Mac's relationship had some nice forward momentum. Plus it looks like there might be some resolution on her employment situation that comes about.

The characters continue to make me smile. Mac's mom added some normality to help balance out all of Clyde's family wackiness. This was a nice addition to the series. I am giving A Fright to the Death, 5 stars. As an added bonus, I just love the covers!

Thanks to Great Escapes and Berkley for the opportunity to read and review the book.