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Hot Texas Days Boxed Set

Hot Texas Days Boxed Set - Jessie Evans I am always up for a good cowboy romance. There is just something about them that makes me smile. I have this real sweet memory of watching about 8 or 9 guys, soaking wet from rain, line dancing to Watermelon Crawl at a concert years ago. There they were - in nothing but skin tight wranglers and ropers, not a shirt in sight, thumbs tucked in jeans and hips shaking... *fans self* Did it get a bit warm in here? What was I talking about? Oh, yes. Cowboys. Whether actual riding horses cowboys, or those of a more neon persuasion, there is just something about them that can turn a girl's head and dazzle her eye. So, three books in one? Oh hells yes, sign me up.

Leather and Lace:
In this book one, we are introduced to the town of Lonesome Point, Texas. Mia is in the middle of planning a panty & bra decorating prank with the help of Ugly Ross and Bubba. It's in the middle of almost getting caught that she meets (and kisses) Sawyer. Mia is a master prankster and troublemaker. Her relationships with her friends and family showed that she is not only well loved, but genuinely liked as well.

Sawyer is this big ole yummy guy. I don't remember reading a book where the hero was deliberately bald before (Sawyer shaves his head), but it added a nice unique touch to the story. Sawyer was a nearly perfect hero, with plenty of patience in dealing with Mia and her craziness.

Saddles and Sin:
Book 2 follows Bubba and his fledgling country music career. I had liked Bubba from Leather and Lace, so I was happy to see that he was as genuinely nice as he appeared. Sometimes a character can change from one book to another, but not Bubba. Again we get a sweet guy with a big heart and patience to deal with his woman's issues.

This was another book that took be by surprise with an element that I had never read before. The scandal that Marisol survived was one that I had not seen done before. Though thinking about it, it seems weird that I hadn't seen it before now. It was definitely something that made me think and even feel for anyone who has been affected by this particular issue. (No I'm not giving spoilers, read the book!)

Diamonds and Dust:
This time up to bat, is Tulsi, Mia's best friend. Tulsi and her little candy poker fiend daughter, Clementine, have had it rough. But Tulsi isn't a complainer, and continues to do the best she can for her daughter. With no help from Clem's unnamed father, Tulsi shoulders her father's disappointment and works hard to provide Clem the best she can.

When Mia's famous baseball player brother, arrives for Mia's wedding, Tulsi knows things could get complicated. Especially with Pike in town for an extended visit. Neither of them plan on the attraction that is still white hot between them. It's not until Pike decides that he won't let Tulsi get away again, that she realizes that their past could destroy the possibility of a future.

I quite enjoyed the three stories. Ms. Evans has a fresh, new voice that combined the timelessness of the west with today's modern issues. The stories were original, funny yet thought provoking. I give this series 4 stars.