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Grant Me

Grant Me - Em Perna I was first attracted to this book by the cover. I liked the simplicity of the couple holding hands, with the out of focus background. It really let's your imagination place the couple wherever you want them to be: getting ready to walk down the aisle... or maybe walking on a street... through a park... or just into the future... Then the blurb hooked me; a tattooed single mother and the police detective, both fighting their attraction, neither really wanting to want the other. That usually means lots of nice tension and sparks flying as they fight those desires.

This is labeled as contemporary romance, but could easily be called romantic suspense. After all, someone is after Neva and Jason is the detective on the case and becomes her protector . Plus the book starts out with Neva in danger, and then backtracks to fill in how we got to that point. It gives an edge to the story, since I then spent my time looking for how we get to that moment of danger.

The relationships between the characters had a very authentic feel to them, from Neva and her son, to their circle of friends. Neva and Jason contrast very nicely against each other and while we learn much about Neva's history, Jason remains an enigma to both us and Neva. When the big reveal finally happened, I can honestly say, I never saw it coming. And I do like a book that can surprise me.

My biggest complaint about the book was that I think the character's, Neva in particular, spent too much time in her head. There was more telling going on than showing. But in spite of that, I was still invested and eager to find out who the big baddie was. Overall, I enjoyed the book and would read Neva's best friend Shellie's story if it comes available. I am giving the book 3 stars.

Thanks to the author for the opportunity to read and review the book.