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White Trash Zombie Apocalypse

White Trash Zombie Apocalypse  - Diana Rowland I really enjoyed the first two White Trash Zombie books. Angel's introduction to this new world and learning the ropes to being a zombie sucked me right in. This third book, not so much. I had started and stopped this book last year, and seemed like a good fit for my 2015 TBR pile challenge. When I started the book again, I remembered why I had put it down before. There wasn't enough action going at the beginning to grab my attention. Just some Angel and Marcus semi-emotional stuff. It wasn't until I was much deeper into the book that the actions started to pick up. Once it did, I was hooked in.

Once the action starts, it is almost non-stop. From fights to natural disasters to cloak and dagger spying, Angel ends up in the thick of things. The second half of the book was much better than the first half, but that first half was necessary to set up everything. It's a case of patience being a virtue. Too bad I suck at being patient. I gave this book 3 stars.