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Taming the Legend

Taming the Legend - Kat Latham I have been hooked on this series since it started with Knowing the Score in 2013. I didn't know much about Rugby, but it the romance sounded interesting so I picked it up. And I completely fell for the players on the London Legends team and each book has kept that love alive.

Each of the books has focused on a different player on the London Legends team. This time, it's Ash Trenton, retiring from the team at the top of his game, with a world cup win. He is shocked to see his first love, Camila Morales at his retirement party. But that's not the end of the surprises she has in store for him.

The only reason Camila has come to see Ash is that he is literally her last resort to help save her camp. If he can help her raise the money needed, she is willing to make a deal with her personal devil. A sexy, funny, devil who if she's not careful can break her heart all over again.

I shed more tears during this book than I have in quite a while. I couldn't believe the heart wrenching moments found in what should have been just a cleverly funny sports romance. Tricksy author. *narrows eyes* Anyway, this was truly a 5 star read and I sincerely hope we see more of the London Legends.

Thank to Netgalley and Carina Press for the opportunity to read and review the book.