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Elements of Chemistry: ATTRACTION (Hypothesis Series Book 1)

Elements of Chemistry: ATTRACTION (Hypothesis Series Book 1) - Penny Reid I'm not normally one for New Adult books. But my story is that Penny Reid tricked me into reading this, and I'm sticking with it. That's right darn it. She tricked me by not saying what genre it was, just "Oh, here's my new story. Isn't it pretty and shiny?" and I was all, "You bet! Let me read it." Of course, I regret nothing, nothing I say. But still. Tricked.

First off, let me say that this is only part 1 of the story. At the end it's not resolved in any way, shape or form. Only read this if you are committed to reading the other two. I started this one, thinking I would be able to just read it and wait till closer to the release date for the second part, but I had to immediately dive into the ARC of book 2. The story sucked me in completely and wouldn't let me go. I was invested in the story.

Kaitlyn is very introverted, and a nerd of a girl. She likes playing video games, her guitar and reading. She takes schooling very seriously and isn't into the college party scene. Her mother is a Senator, her father the dean of a medical college and a grandfather who was an astronaut.

Martin, her chemistry partner is in every way her opposite. He comes from an incredibly wealthy family, is one of the most popular guys at school with his pick of women. He plays the part of the campus good time jock.

In Kaitlyn's mind the two of them don't make any sense. And yet Martin goes out of his way to chase her. Their week spent on his family's tropical island for spring break allows them to each see sides of the other they normally wouldn't and a budding relationship blooms. But can it withstand the reality of who they are when the world is watching?

There were some moments that I wanted to smack Kaitlyn and tell her to get out of her own way. There were also plenty of times I wanted to grab Martin and shake him and tell him to get over himself. But then I remembered their ages and growled excuses for them. Overall the signature Penny Reid dialogue and descriptions kept my eyes glued to the page and reading on. 4 stars from me.