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Sinful: A Bitter Creek Novel

Sinful: A Bitter Creek Novel - Joan Johnston I haven't read a Joan Johnston westerns for many years. Why, I ask myself? Because I got side tracked in other genres. It happens. But now that I am rediscovering how much I love me a cowboy (my sister and I agree, it's something about that swagger in tight jeans), I am finding myself coming back to Joan Johnston.

If ya'll have followed me any, you know I hate starting in the middle of a series. 9 times out 10 you feel like you are missing something. This is book is part of that 10% where you don't. If I hadn't seen the big ole #13 on Goodreads, I wouldn't have guessed it was that far in. This book feels like the start of a new arc in the series, dealing with the so called King's Brats and their life long nemeses the Wild Flynn Boys. The stage is being set for more books within this multi-family dynamic. So if you are like me and hate missing anything, this is a good place to jump in without that worry.

This story focuses on Connor and Eve. Watching them dance around one another, the habits and prejudices of years keeping them from telling each other how much they love and want the other, kept me wondering who would finally get the courage to make the first move. In a surprising twist, it's neither and both. Intrigued? Ha! Read the book and find out.

This was a quick read, mainly because it sucked me right in and didn't let me go until I finished the book. I am looking forward to reading more about the families and figuring out if some of the other siblings stop sniping at each other long enough to admit their attractions as well. I really enjoyed the book and gave it 4 stars.

Thanks to Netgalley and Dell for the opportunity to read and review the book.