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Oracle's Moon

Oracle's Moon - Thea Harrison, Sophie Eastlake In the previous book in this series, Serpent's Kiss, we were introduced to Grace Andreas, the brand spanking new Oracle. She was sassy and didn't take any crap off of an ancient vampire or the any of the beings who descend on property and break the rules of sanctuary that are supposed to protect those who come to petition the Oracle. I really enjoyed her character, so I was excited to see that this was her story.

Sophie Eastlake's take on Grace's and her neice Chloe's sweet Kentucky accent, juxtaposed very nicely against the almost British uppercrust diction of Khalil. There were two such different people, coming together initially for the safety and protection of the children. As they find common ground, a friendship and then romance blossoms.

We find out much more about both the djinn and the oracle's history as they learn about each other. There were several moments where I couldn't help but cheer Grace on as she did her very best to knock Khalil down a few pegs. But then he would become her champion and I would excuse him his arrogance.

I absolutely adored this book. We get a peek at some of the characters from previous books, as the overall story arc progresses and Grace and Khalil intersect with them. I hope we get more Grace and Khalil in the future, they were great characters. I gave this 5 stars. It was simply wonderful.