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@GoddessFish Review: Greek Gods Bearing Gifts by Cheryl Harper


Greek Gods Bearing Gifts


Titan Pawn, #1


Cheryl Harper


Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Cheryl Harper
Date of Publication: May 5, 2015
Number of pages: 258
Word Count: 77,910


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Liberty Smith is certain putting two thieves in charge of a pawn shop is a terrible idea, even in Olympic View, tourist attraction and home to some people with unusual skills. Fresh out of prison, Liberty’s ready to go straight, all the way to Omaha if necessary, and take her baby brother Frank with her. Organizing the junk passing for inventory at Titan Pawn and the employees who aren’t all what they seem was never part of the plan.

Justin Barrett is a fine cop, just like his father before him. His only weak spot? The girl he put in prison who now has blood on her hands. Literally. To save pain-in-the-neck Frank and free Liberty to leave Olympic View, Justin joins a very strange mission. To 1983. With an odd watch and Liberty in the shortest red dress it’s been his pleasure to see.

Greek Gods Bearing Gifts is reunion-story, sexy paranormal romance (75,000 words) featuring the charming god of thieves, two people who never stopped loving, and the underworld’s all-you-can-eat rib buffet.


“What are you doing here? It’s…” He watched her try to figure out what time it was. “Late. It’s too late for visitors.”

Visitors? So she thought this was some sort of social call?

“It’s too late for you to be doing business, too. At least, not the legal kind.” He tried to see over her head again. “All the lights are on. That’s not normal. With you, not normal is nothing but trouble. So tell me what sort of trouble you’re in.”

“Yeah, it’s too late for one of your lectures, too. You were in the neighborhood? Spying on me? Go away. I’m fine.” She glanced over her shoulder and gasped.

Did she have company? Like, friendly company? He braced one foot on the door, determined to make sure she was telling the truth before he stormed off in a jealous huff that she’d moved on while he was struggling to forget her.

“There’s a simple way to settle this. Prove it. Let me in to take a look around.” He waited for one loud second, his eyes locked on hers, as the tension stretched between them. This battle between wanting to believe what she said and knowing how often she’d bent the rules was familiar. He desperately wanted her to be telling the truth. His careful study of her face, her pale cheeks and the tightness to her lips, convinced him. He pushed the door slowly, nudging her back an inch at a time.

“Is that blood? Are you in danger?” He reached for the gun he never left home without and listened hard for any signs of movement. His own harsh breathing made that difficult. The burst of fear and adrenaline that shot through him had him through the door before he even knew he was moving. His instincts, already on high alert, went into overdrive. His vision was sharp enough to evaluate the room’s shadows for threats, and he was prepared to defend them both, his muscles tight and one finger on the trigger.

“No, I’m not. Frank’s here and…” She held up both bloody hands and then stared at them. Her knee was skinned. He couldn’t see any other wounds, but he wrapped his hands gently around her shoulders and felt the fine tremor that shook her. Liberty was athletic and graceful but not invincible. He should have acted faster instead of telling himself it wasn’t his job to protect her, especially from herself. When he was certain he could get out complete words, he yanked out his cell, ready to call for help.

Liberty knocked it from his hands and they both watched it bounce on the floor, the loud crunch of the screen impossible to miss.

“No police. We can’t have any police.” She knotted her shaking hands together. “I’m sorry about your phone. Everything’s fine here. You should just…go.”


I have always had a thing for Greek mythology. Whether it's movies: Jason and the Argonauts, Clash of the Titans, Disney's Hercules or TV: The Legendary Journeys of Hercules,  Xenia Warrior Princess, I have been a fan. Unfortunately, I have only read 2 different romance series by authors that touched on Greek Mythology. There are many more Middle and YA book, but those really aren't my genres. All this to say, when I saw that Cheryl Harper had a new series coming out featuring the folks from Mount Olympus, I knew I would have to get my hands on this book.

So, a female thief, one that has done prison time is a unique female heroine. Add in the hot ex-boyfriend cop who put her in jail, and you just know there will be some clashes and sparks flying. But that's not all! We have a pawn shop owned by the god of thieves, inter-family drama, items of power and time travel. There is just never a dull moment. Ms. Harper stated that this story was a mash up of several things, including two of her favorite tv shows: Leverage and Warehouse 13. I can totally see it. And it was a thrilling ride, learning all about the descendants of the Greek Gods and the talents their progeny lines have developed.

This book was a fun filled romp from beginning to end and I can't wait to read the next installment. I am giving this book a solid 4 star rating for keeping me so totally engaged and amused.

Thanks to Goddess Fish and Cheryl Harper for the opportunity to read and review the book.




Author Bio:
Whether she’s writing, reading, or checking the items off of her daily to-do list, small-town girl Cheryl Harper loves her romance mixed with a little laughter. When she’s not working, you will find her ignoring housework, cursing yard work, and spending way too much time with a television remote in her hand.

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