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@TastyBookTours Promo: Hard as Ice by Raven Scott


Hard as Ice


Fortis, #1


Raven Scott



Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Kensington
Date of Publication: July 28th 2015
Number of pages: 352



Available at the following retailers:
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When money is no object, discretion is essential, and time is of the essence, the police are not an option. That’s when the wealthy and powerful call on the men of Fortis—a trio of former government agents with elite military training—not to mention charm and good looks…

Now that Evan DaCosta has recovered from an injury sustained in his work with the CIA, he’s ready to continue his life of adventure, intrigue, and service. That means joining Fortis—and taking on the recovery of precious jewels stolen from a prestigious auction house. The list of suspects is long, but Evan is focused on the possibility of an inside job. Now he’ll have to go undercover and stay close to the gorgeous business manager, Nia James. That won’t be a problem….But if she’s the thief, she just may steal his heart in the process…

A gifted salesperson, Nia worked hard to get where she is today. Now, with her career at stake, she can’t afford to be distracted by a man. Yet when Evan walks into the auction house, all six foot three of solid muscle poured into a tailored suit, Nia can’t help feeling safe, protected—and turned on. The feeling is mutual, and soon, despite their private misgivings, Nia and Evan become intensely entangled. But can their relationship survive their secrets?...


How the hell had she ended up in this middle of this crazy mess?

Nia’s mind raced in circles for several hours before she managed to get some restless sleep. Thursday morning, she skipped her usual workout at the gym in order to get into the office before eight o’clock. The investigators had booked two hours with her, starting at nine, so she planned to get as much work as possible done before that, including the contract for Evan.

“Morning, Nia.”

She looked up to find one of her sales coordinators, Adam Peterson leaning against her door. He was one of the first hires she had made when she joined the team, and was still one of her favorite employees. He was bright, energetic, and creative, always willing to go above and beyond to get the job done.

“Hi, Adam,” Nia replied somberly. “Did you see the news?”

“You mean about Matt? Yeah, I couldn’t believe it,” Adam replied, stepping closer to her desk and lowering his voice. “Do you think it was random? Like robbery or something?”

Nia nibbled on the side of her bottom lip.

“I don’t know,” she replied, wishing she didn’t have to lie.

“I saw Chris a little while ago and he seems pretty shaken up,” Adam continued. “They were good friends.”

“Really?” Nia probed.

“I think so. They hung out together on the weekends, and stuff. Emma too.”

Nia looked down at her desk, trying to hide the surprise and alarm on her face. His innocent words had planted a seed in her brain that was rapidly growing. There was no doubt in her mind that Matt had been the inside man for the robbery. He must have provided access to the premises. Did Chris know anything about what Matt was into? Emma? Were they also involved?

Even if they were, it didn’t explain how they knew the security code for the safe. Only she and Edward knew it.

“I didn’t know that,” she finally replied softly. “What does Chris think happened?”

“He has no clue. He just said that Matt was a stand-up guy, really easygoing. No one would want to hurt him.”

Nia nodded. She wanted to ask more questions, but was concerned Adam would think it was odd. She was usually the last person to stir up office gossip.

“Listen, I have a new client contract that needs to go out this morning,” she told him, changing the subject. “Can you take care of it for me? I’ll send you all the details.”

“That walk-in from yesterday. DaCosta?”

“Yeah, how did you know?”

Adam shrugged.

“Emma,” they both said at the same time, then smiled at each other.

“Apparently, he made quite the impression on her,” he added.

Nia just shook her head. A receptionist really should be more discreet.



Author Bio:

RAVEN SCOTT is married with two daughters and two dogs, living in the beautiful city of Burlington, Ontario, in the greater Toronto area. She discovered her love of fiction at an early age, devouring hundreds of books over the years. She reads everything from historical and contemporary romance to mystery, sci-fi and suspense. By the time Raven finished University, she had her own stories brewing in her imagination. Writing became a satisfying hobby, then a fulfilling career. When Raven isn't reading or writing, you can find her outside with her family. Find out more at www.ravenscottbooks.com, or visit her on Facebook and Twitter @ravenscottbooks.

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