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Dragon Justice (Paranormal Scene Investigations #4)

Dragon Justice (Paranormal Scene Investigations #4) - Laura Anne Gilman, Romy Nordlinger It wasn't very long into this story before I was majorly disappointed. Apparently quite a chunk of time has passed, several months worth. There have been significant changes in PUPI, including the addition of more staff. Also, the big warning that Bonnie had gotten in the last book was resolved in the latest Retriever series. I'm haven't read that series, and had no idea that they would cross so strongly. This means if I really want to know what happened from all her big scary warning visions, I will have to read the other series. *pfft* Not feeling the love.

Bonnie has a case involving a missing girl. The Lord and Lady of the Fey come asking for assistance. They want the human child found, as they do not wish for more antagonism between the fatae and null communities. Since this will need to be handled discreetly, it is decided that Bonnie will handle this quietly on her own. At the same time that Bonnie is getting her case, Ben is taking some time away from PUPI and doing some sideline work down in Philadelphia.

When Bonnie seems to have wrapped up her case early, and is given some forced leave, Ben invites her down to spend some time outside of the workplace with him. They are both ready to explore this thing between them called "The Merge". But of course, nothing is ever simple; especially when it involves the Cosa Nostradamus.

Okay, so I admit, I was seriously torqued off that there was this huge thing that happened off screen and if I was wanted to get the whole story I would have to read the other series. But truthfully, it really didn't have much bearing on this story. So I can understand why it is mentioned in passing only. I'm not sure if this was the last book in the series, but it ended on a very final note. And since it's been a couple of years with no other sequel, I am calling this series over and done. I did like the world and the characters, but am like 90% certain that I won't be reading the related series, The Retrievers; especially since the main characters made cameos in this book and had a completed feel to them as well.

This was an enjoyable listen and Romy Nordlinger did a great job with the story, but so much of the story itself had a different tone from the first 3. I gave this 3 stars, mainly due to the missing chunk of time, and ending the series in what felt like an very awkward manner.