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Tricks of the Trade

Tricks of the Trade  - Laura Anne Gilman, Romy Nordlinger It has been awhile since I read the first two books in this series: Hard Magic and Pack of Lies. But as soon as I started listening, I was right back in the action. This story picks up several months following Pack of Lies.

The story opens with the team being split to tackle two separate investigations. Bonnie and Peter get assigned a "floater". Bonnie thinks that Ben assigned Peter to this case as a kind of punishment. Mostly because, although Bonnie and Ben have a mystical connection called "The Merge" and are both fighting it, he is jealous that Bonnie and Peter have a Friends with Benefits arrangement. One they are very careful to not allow to affect their working relationship with the other Pups.

Meanwhile Sharon and Nick are sent to check into break in at a Null's house. One he insists was done by someone with Talent. Interestingly enough, the group is warned that something/someone called The Roblin is in town and looking to cause trouble. But the warning is vague and it is deemed to not be a priority.

The story is told mainly through Bonnie's POV except when it was absolutely necessary for the story line and Bonnie wasn't in the scene. Since the bulk of the story revolves around Bonnie, she is our main focus.

I don't know whether I have gotten used to Romy Nordlinger's sound and style, or if she genuinely made more of an effort to differentiate between the different voices of the characters or maybe I am just developing a better ear, but I was able to distinguish characters this time around. I enjoyed the rhythm and flow of the this audiobook; it was an enjoyable listen.

There was some mention of the other series set in this world and it's main character Wren Valere. Normally a cross series mention like this gets me excited, but alas, I haven't read this other series, though I am aware of it. Overall I really enjoyed this next chapter in PUPI and gave it 3 stars.