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A Good Kind of Trouble

A Good Kind of Trouble - Ellie Ashe I know this is going to sound strange, but I really like this cover. It grabbed my attention with it's very retro and classy look. When I read the blurb, I got hooked by the idea of a relationship springboarding off a very bad date. Images of Blind Date staring Bruce Willis and Kim Bassinger were running through my head. (Hush all you haters, I liked the movie!)

Ben is an attorney in a big firm, nearly done putting in his time to make partner. He is currently doing insurance work, mainly settlements, for big insurance companies. It's not what he would like to be doing, but with his student loans hanging over his head, he doesn't feel he's in a place to make the move to representing clients against those big corporations.

Lindsey is a reporter working for the local newspaper. Her parents are two fairly well known names in the journalism business; her mother a war correspondent and her father the editor of one of the larger newspapers. And although she grew up with journalism in her blood, she doesn't want to just trade on her parent's success and is working her way up the hard way.

When Ben is assigned by the court to represent Lindsey in a contempt of court charge, he gets drawn into her current investigation. It becomes clear to Ben that Lindsey is being stalked and harassed. And although he tries really hard to not get involved, he can't seem to stop remembering the really good parts of that first date.

The POV on this book switches back and forth between Ben and Lindsey, giving us time in both their heads and daily lives. This book had a very realistic vibe to it, and after reading that the author spent time as both a lawyer and journalist, it was obvious why. The mystery wasn't complicated, but had enough twists to keep me entertained and interested. I thought this book was really well done, especially for a self-published author. I gave it 4 stars.

Thanks to the author and Great Escapes for the opportunity to read and review the book.