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Broken Open

Broken Open - Lauren Dane, Kate Turnball I have been waiting, not-so-patiently, for this to arrive. (It took an entire month!!) I had really enjoyed the first book, The Best Kind of Trouble, so I was super excited this one would be about Tuesday and Ezra. Their roles as Bestie and Older Brother helped define them in book one, but now I wanted to really get who they are directly from them.

Let's start with Tuesday. First off, awesome name. Secondly. she had a spirit that just didn't quit. She has been a widow for 5 years, losing her husband to cancer. She's artistic,quirky, a great friend, and oh yeah, and a woman of color. This wasn't a story about an interracial relationship. This was a romance between two individuals. Were there race issues that cropped up? Some, but it wasn't those issues that were the main conflict in the story.

Now Ezra. Oh, now Ezra has some issues. As a former heroin addict, once upon a time, he had crashed and burned. But Ezra has rebuilt his life and his relationships with his family. But he has worked very hard at creating balance in his life and is terrified that something will upset his careful constructed new life. He, of course, doesn't think/know he's terrified, but I calls 'em as I sees 'em.

Since family is a big part of how Ezra defines himself, we get to see more of the Hurley's. But we also get to spend a bit of time with Tuesday's family as well. Tuesday's momma had me grinning right away. I can totally see a spin off of the Easton family happening, and I would totally read it. :)

Kate Turnbull gave another great performance. I was a bit worried with the change in lead characters if it would affect how the story went. But no worries. There maintained a distinctive difference in the voices, so I had no problem figuring out who said what.

I couldn't stop listening to this and had my headphones every chance I could. It definitely didn't feel almost 10 hours long. I even stayed longer than I meant to on the elliptical I was enjoying this listen so much. I am giving it 5 stars.

Thank you to Audiobook Jukebox and Recorded Books for the opportunity to listen to and review this book.