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Driftwood Cowboy

Driftwood Cowboy - Lenora Worth This was a very deep story for a novella. Personally, I wouldn't even classify it as such, even though it is only 160 pages long. There is much more story packed into those few pages.

The story actually starts from Brodie's point of view. Brodie is walking through the water's edge when he sees this beautiful woman and horse coming directly at him. He realizes the woman doesn't see him until it's almost to late. The story continues with much more of it being through Brodie's eyes. Michelle is a mystery, and even when we are in her head, we only get hints of what has driven her away from home.

Brodie and Michelle are both hurting. Michelle's trauma is more recent, but Brodie has his share of demons. The two of them together, help bring each other to a better place. I especially liked the ending. I couldn't help but smile over how things eventually turned out. I gave this story 4 stars, for managing to pack a full story into a novella.