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@TastyBookTours Interview: Breaking a Legend by Sarah Robinson


Breaking a Legend


Kavanagh Legends, #1


Sarah Robinson


Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Loveswept
Date of Publication: September 29, 2015
Number of pages: 254




Available at the following retailers:
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Perfect for fans of Katy Evans and Monica Murphy, Sarah Robinson’s blistering-hot series debut introduces the Kavanagh brothers—mixed martial arts fighters who work hard, play hard, and love with all their hearts.

As one of the big names at his family’s gym, Legends, MMA star Rory Kavanagh is used to being in the spotlight—until a gruesome leg injury knocks him out of the cage. Rory is left feeling sidelined in more ways than one, battling the inner demons that come with losing the one shot at his dreams. Then Clare walks into his life and gives him a new dream: winning her heart. There aren’t many new faces in Woodlawn these days, but this tough, beautiful stranger makes Rory want to get his life back into fighting shape.

Clare Ivers doesn’t think she’ll be able to tell anyone what really brought her to the close-knit Bronx neighborhood where she just started bartending. But her life’s on pause and her past is catching up fast, try as she might to move on—with new friends, steady work, and a chiseled alpha male trying to get her attention. Even though Rory’s more than a little intense, she can’t deny that her heart beats faster when he looks at her with those soulful silver eyes. Clare thought she was done with love, but Rory might just be man enough to show her she thought wrong.


"Well, if it isn’t our long-lost brother,” a familiar voice said a few minutes later, as he meandered into the neighborhood bar that everyone he knew frequented. A hand clasped his shoulder. “Shit, Rory, where the hell have you been?”

Rory inwardly groaned as he turned to face his younger brother, Quinn Kavanagh. Rory wanted to wipe Quinn’s smug smirk off with his fist. He had been sporting that same cocky attitude since the moment he popped into this world, a trait that Rory found uniquely irritating.

Now I remember why I’ve been avoiding this bar, Rory thought as he forced a smile at his brother.

“Just stopping in for a quick drink, Quinn,” Rory said, attempting to make clear that he wasn’t interested in socializing.

He headed over to the long wooden bar that wrapped around two sides of the small pub and stood before walls of liquor bottles and televisions. Several bartenders moved around swiftly, filling drink orders and talking with the full crowd that O’Leary’s always attracted on weekend nights. Rory found an empty stool down at one end, far away from the door, and quickly staked his claim.

He saw Cian, who had worked at O’Leary’s for as long as he could remember, and nodded his head to him. Cian nodded back and put up his hand, indicating he would be over in a minute, as he finished serving the group of college-aged kids at that end of the bar. The door to the kitchen swung open and a short, petite blonde ambled through carrying a large bucket of ice that seemed much too heavy for her small frame to manage.

Rory smiled slightly as he lifted one eyebrow, watching her with interest while she carefully poured the ice over the liquor bottles that sat in a metal bin below the bar’s surface. She huffed and her face was slightly red at the task, but she still managed to completely empty the bucket’s contents evenly around each of the glass bottles.

He took advantage of her being distracted by her task to stare at her shapely legs, which disappeared under a short skirt barely longer than her small apron. Her skin was delicately pale and smooth, and he wondered what it would feel like to slide his fingers up the length of those legs. His eyes traveled up her body, disappointed that the thick, blond ringlets dangling halfway down her back were also hiding most of her face as she leaned over the bar. He wanted to see her perfectly sloped nose, catch her eyes with his, and see what her small pink lips would look like when they smiled.

Something about this woman was intriguing him, although he couldn’t pinpoint what.

Her work completed, she exhaled loudly and plopped the empty bucket at her feet, taking a breather. Rory chuckled lightly, finally grabbing her attention.

“You laughing at me?” She put her hands on her hips, daring him to make fun of her.

Her eyes narrowed as she spoke, but he was still able to catch a glimpse of the dazzling emerald color that contrasted against her light skin and golden hair so perfectly.

“Wouldn’t dream of it, mhuirnín.” A smile spread across his face as he watched her saunter over to him, her full, pink lips tightly pressed together in irritation.

“What’s that mean?” she asked when she reached him, standing across the bar with her arms folded across her chest and one hip tilted higher than the other. Her tone was defiant and he loved the feisty spirit she exuded.

Mhuirnín? You’re all questions today. I’ll answer your question, if you answer mine.” Rory concentrated on keeping his speech normal and not slurring his words. He might have had a bit more to drink tonight than he had intended.

She turned away from him, looking back down the length of the bar and drumming her fingers on its surface.

Rory could sense her nervousness. He already missed her green gaze and silently begged her to turn back to him. There was something about her that stirred a protective instinct in him, a feeling entirely foreign toward anyone who wasn’t family. She was smiling, but there was an undercurrent of pain breaking through her friendliness.

He didn’t like it.

“I guess that’s fair,” she relented, turning back to him and leaning against the wall.

“I haven’t seen you here before. What’s your name?” His question was simple, but the desire in his eyes was not as he licked his bottom lip and admired how perfectly her uniform hugged her curves, even on her small figure.

“Clare Ivers. I’m new in town. Needed a job.” She shrugged, not divulging much, but he felt a sliver of hope when he saw that the smile on her face had yet to disappear.

He knew that she could feel his attraction toward her when he saw the blush creep up her cheeks. The smile she couldn’t push away told him she was enjoying their banter as much as he was.

Despite her clear interest, there was a hint of disapproval as he watched her eyes roam over his torso. It was a look he was way too familiar with from the last year. Rory worried he might be slurring his words or sounding more drunk than he felt.

Wouldn’t be the first time, he thought.

“Your turn.” She pointed at him, biting the corner of her lip in an attempt to hide her smile.

Mhuirnín means sweetheart. If you’re going to work in Woodlawn, Clare, you gotta learn some Irish.”

“Is that right? I guess I’ll have to find a good tutor then,” she taunted, before turning on her heels and sauntering off.


Today, we welcome author Sarah Robinson to Musings and Ramblings. Let's all give a big Geeky welcome!

Thank you for having me! I’m so excited to be here, because you guys are on top of your blogging game! I’m so honored that you wanted to have me join you all today to celebrate my new release, BREAKING A LEGEND, an MMA contemporary romance from Penguin Random House.

Let's start with some writer specific questions before moving into the fun stuff. That way everyone can really get to know the person behind the writer. We will finish things off with a round of Think Fast. Ready for the interrogation to begin?

Hold on, let me go pour a glass of wine. This sounds intense!!
Okay, I’m back! Glass in hand!


Writing Specific

Is your writing style more plotter or pantser?
I didn’t even know what pansters were until recently, but I’ve always described my writing style the same way which kind of falls in between the two. I build the skeleton of the book, before going back and fleshing it out. When you’re finally putting all the finishing touches and making it a real, living thing, it always ends up looking a little different than you’d first predicted.

How involved are you with Social Media and self-promotion?
Too much. Is that an option? If it is, mark me down as too freaking much! I check it way more than I should, but I love talking and interacting with readers. Some people have tried to convince me to give more to my assistant, so that I can spend my time writing instead.... and maybe I should, but I just want you guys to know me! Not just get generic answers, or know answers at all, you know? I love getting to know everybody and I also love seeing people share my books online and all the excitement this new release has generated!

Tell us something about yourself that's not in your bio.
It does say in my bio that I have both a bachelor’s and master’s in criminal psychology, but it doesn’t say that I used to be a counselor for many years. First I was a counselor for residential treatment for severely mentally ill persons, mainly with schizophrenia. Then I was a counselor for sex offenders on parole. Both were extremely difficult, yet rewarding experiences in which my biggest take away was just learning how to understand people, how to talk to them, and how to make people feel valued. These are lessons I bring into every part of my life, and my books!

What do you like to do when you are not writing?
When I’m not writing, I’m usually thinking about writing, or feeling guilty because I’m not writing, or wondering what I should write next. Buuuuuut when I can manage to pull myself out of my head, I am usually spending time with my husband. He is a police officer so I get very little time with him, therefore when he’s home I like to focus on him only. We often take our dogs out to the dog park, go on walks around the neighborhood, go on hikes, or visit his grandmother’s house for some home cooking! We do more lazy stuff too though, like we have tons of television shows we record and then watch together- particularly the entire Bachelor franchise.... LOVE!

What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? What has been the best compliment?
My toughest criticism was that I have to step back and not help everybody. Sounds wrong, doesn’t it? I spend a lot of time helping other authors as well as bloggers, but it was overwhelming all my time and I had to learn when to say no. A select few would take advantage of my kindness as well and my naive self mistook it for real friendship- something I’m much more reluctant to give away these days. Learning to say no, it’s a lot harder than you think!

The best compliment is that I’m relentless- as in, I never give up! I could get ten doors closed in my face, and I’ll keep looking for one that’s open. When I see something I want, I go for it and do whatever I can to succeed. I approach my books and marketing with the same determination, and it’s paid off! I tell everyone to never give up, because you’ll fail again, and again, and again... but then one day, you won’t. That’s what it’s all about!


Fun Stuff

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
Invisibility. Wouldn’t it be AMAZING to eavesdrop on people all the time? Imagine the book inspiration I could get from random people!

What was the name of the last book you read?
The last book I read was The Bet by Rachel van Dyken (who is one of my favorite authors) because my friend, Nathalie, and I like to read one book a month together to chat about. I read a bunch of others around that one though, and will hopefully read at least 30 more by the end of the year! I usually post on my website at the end of every year what my top ten books I read that year were (www.booksbysarahrobinson.net). I love reading, it’s the best way to learn more about writing and inspiring stories.

What is your biggest pet peeve?
When my husband takes stuff out and then puts it back in the wrong place- ARGH! It’s not like he just didn’t have time to put it back, it’s that he’ll go put it on the wrong shelf when it would have been just as easier to put it on the right shelf. I mean, is that so difficult? *hyperventilates just thinking about it* I like my house to be really orderly and clean, in case you haven’t noticed, and I’m a bit crazy about it!

You are going to be stranded on a deserted island and bring 3 luxury items. What would they be?
Assuming my husband and pets are with me, because I can’t survive without them, I’d say a kindle with unlimited battery and millions of books, endless coffee, and wine.... so much wine. Those are all the things I live in, so... yeah, that’s it.

Pick two celebrities to be your parents. Who are they and why?
Ellen DeGeneres and Dr. Phil, which clearly would be odd since you’d have to wonder how they conceived me to begin with. However, those two people are my favorite celebrities out there and my goal is to meet both of them one day. I even named my dog after Ellen, and I have her mug that I use everyday, and her license plate holder is on my car. I’m obsessed, and who wouldn’t be? Ellen is kind and pure hearted, and just an inspiration. Dr. Phil is smart and impossible to manipulate, he doesn’t take bullshit from anyone and we could all use that kind of back bone.


Think Fast

AM or PM? I like to say it’s AM, but that’s a lie. I like to sleep in. I’m better in the afternoon/evening.

Meat or Veggies? Can I pick cheese? I love meat more than veggies, as any sane person would, but I’d die for cheese. And I’m lactose intolerant, so that just means I’m even more dedicated to my love of cheese because I have to suffer for it!

Summer or Winter? Winter! Mainly because who doesn’t love autumn with all the pumpkin spice and warming traditions out there, and then winter weather snuggled together under the blankets. So much better than the crazy Washington DC humidity where you leave sweaty butt prints on every seat you stand up from. It’s horrifying. I’m ready for the ice age.

Coffee or Tea? Coffee, always coffee. I even have an entire coffee station set up in my kitchen that I’m obsessed with.

Cake or Pie? Sheet cake is the best thing that has ever happened to the world. Generic plain vanilla sheet cake with giant frosting flowers- yum! I’ll crash a child’s birthday party just to get sheet cake.

Thanks for coming by and spending some time with us. Any final words of wisdom to pass along?

Watch Buzzfeed Matt’s Whine About It Wednesday videos every week. Best advice I can ever give you.

Thanks for having me, I hope to come back with the next book! You’ve been amazing! For updates on future work, lease make sure to subscribe to my website at www.booksbysarahrobinson.net.




Author Bio:

Sarah Robinson is the bestselling author of The Photographer Trilogy and the Sand & Clay rock star series. A native of Washington, D.C., Robinson has both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in criminal psychology. She is married to a local police officer who is just as much of an animal rescue enthusiast as she is. Together, they own a zoo of rescue and foster animals.

To connect with the author online:

Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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