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@GoddessFish Review: Myth and Magic by Mae Clair


Myth and Magic


Mae Clair


Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Date of Publication: June 9, 2015
Number of pages: 244




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As children, they played games of myth and magic…

Veronica Kent fell in love with Caith Breckwood when they were children. As a teenager, she was certain he was the man she was destined to marry. But a traumatic event from Caith's past led him to fear a future together. He left Veronica, hoping to save her from a terrible fate. Twelve years later, Caith, now a P.I., is hired to investigate bizarre incidents at the secluded retreat Veronica manages. Returning to his hometown, Caith is forced to face his nightmares—and his feelings for the woman he’s always loved.

Then one day, the monsters became real.

After the callous way Caith broke her heart, Veronica isn’t thrilled to see him again. But strange occurrences have taken a dangerous toll on business at Stone Willow Lodge. Forced to work together, Veronica discovers it isn’t ghostly apparitions that frighten her, but her passion for a man she has never forgotten. Or forgiven. Can two people with a tarnished past unearth a magical future?


“Caith?” she echoed dumbly.

“Mind lowering the light?”

Veronica dropped the beam to the floor where it bounced off faded denim and brown work boots. She had a vague sense of his height, pinned between him and the shelving unit. He held a flashlight in his hand, smaller than hers, something that would easily fit into his pocket. Sidestepping, she swept her own light to both corners making sure there were no other surprises. “What are you doing in the basement?”

“I came in through the storm doors a while ago.”

“They weren’t locked?”

“Not when I got here.”

She frowned, disturbed by the idea of Caith snooping around without her knowledge. “You could have saved me three years of gray hair by coming through the front door like everyone else.”


She doubted he was.

Now that her eyes had adjusted, she could see him better. Wiry and lanky as a youth, he’d developed the muscle and definition that comes with maturity. Tall, broad of shoulder, and narrow through the hips, he carried a trim, athletic physique. His hair was shorter, black as the raven he’d been named for, and tapered against his neck in a becoming cut. Piercing blue eyes held her gaze, causing her heart to hammer faster. The good-looking boy she remembered had grown into a thoroughly handsome man.

He frowned. “What are you doing in the basement in the dark?”

“The light doesn’t work.”

“I figured that out.”

Heat flushed her face. “So that private investigator’s license is good for something after all?”

Caith chuckled softly. “Maybe we should start over.”

Veronica opened her mouth to snap a reply. Before she could formulate a single pointed word, a shrill scream jarred her to the bone. She felt the blood drain from her face as the horrified shriek shuddered into silence, then started again, climbing in volume.

“Alma!” she cried.

Of one accord, she and Caith bolted for the stairs.


Okay, so I normally try to stay as far as I can away from spoilering a book; unless its something big that happens in the first couple chapters. But I really feel that this is something that needs to be said. I saw this book cover, read the title and then the blurb and thought Paranormal Romance. Bring it On! Um, yeah, not so much. This is a Romantic Suspense; especially as there is no real paranormal activity. That's right, those "ghostly apparitions" in the blurb will all be explained away. I'm still a bit perturbed that it wasn't the genre I thought it was.

Having said that, it was an excellent Romantic Suspense. I remember thinking at about the 53% mark that I totally knew who the bad guy was. Yeah, not so much. The author managed to completely twist things just enough that I was caught as shocked as Caith and Ron (Veronica) were. And didn't that cause my mouth to drop open in shock and awe! It is rare that I am completely blindsided by an author's tricksy clues and red herrings. Although I shouldn't be surprised, it's words like Myth, Magic, and Monsters that led to my mistaken identity of the book's genre. So of course she managed to slide the bad guys right by me, like a magician setting up the big finale. Hmmpf.

Needless to say, if you are a fan of really good Romantic Suspense novels, you should check this one out. I enjoyed the interactions between the characters and it had a nice mix of action and dialogue. The plot kept a nice pace, moving me inextricably along it's path of duplicity to the wrong conclusions. (Tricksy author!) I gave this book 4 stars and am adding the author as one to watch for.

Thank you to Netgalley, Kensington and Goddess Fish for the opportunity to read and review the book.


Author Bio:

Mae Clair opened a Pandora’s Box of characters when she was a child and never looked back. Her father, an artist who tinkered with writing, encouraged her to create make-believe worlds by spinning tales of far-off places on summer nights beneath the stars.

Mae loves creating character-driven fiction in settings that vary from contemporary to mythical. Wherever her pen takes her, she flavors her stories with mystery and romance. Married to her high school sweetheart, she lives in Pennsylvania and is passionate about cryptozoology, old photographs, a good Maine lobster tail and cats.

Discover more about Mae on her website and blog at MaeClair.net

To connect with the author online:

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