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Review: The Queen's Flight by Jamie K. Schmidt


The Queen's Flight


The Emerging Queens, #2


Jamie K. Schmidt


Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Entangled: Select Otherworld
Date of Publication: November 16, 2015
Number of pages: 246
Cover Artist: LJ Anderson

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Courts, queens, and sexy dragons with wings...

Viola Pierce has never had particularly great luck with guys. That is, until the day she shifts into a glorious, deadly, three-headed dragon. As it turns out, Viola is a dragon Queen. But when she's abducted by a greedy dragon who wants to breed with her, Viola begins to realize the dragon world is filled with betrayal, deception, intrigue, and danger...

As a rule, Sergei hates Queens, but Viola's beauty and humanity reach something deep within him. Something he should not be feeling. When she names him her protector and consort—quite by accident—Sergei has no choice but to accept. Now they are bonded for life...with a growing attraction neither of them could have imagined.

But the dragon court is ruthless...and what doesn't kill Viola will only make her more dangerous.

The first book in this new series, The Queen's Wings, I apparently took major exception to the blurb not matching the book. (Those things due tend to aggravate me.) This time, it wasn't an issue, in large part because I didn't bother to read it.  I saw the cover, the author and series and grabbed on with both hands.

The story starts with Viola as just another human working for the dragons. She has always had what she calls the angel and devil on her shoulders, giving her an internal monologue of snarky guidance in her everyday decisions. Imagine her surprise when the power of the Queen's are released (see ending of The Queen's Wings) and suddenly she is a dragon with 3 heads. Yep, that's right, those little voices aren't so internal any longer and she's stuck in dragon form. Too bad the dragon she was working for decides that a Queen appearing in his office means he should get to keep her - even if she emphatically does not want to be kept.

Many of the characters from book one are back. There is more world building done and I can really see something special coming together.  I couldn't help but chuckle over what Viola's hoard was and the length's she would go to protect it. I really enjoyed this book and can't wait for the next one. I gave this book 4 stars.

Thanks to Netgalley and Entangled for the opportunity to read and review this book.

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